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Sibenik Archipelago sea kayaking tour in Croatia

Sea kayaking in Croatia doesn’t get better than this. In eight days you will visit five islands of the Sibenik Archipelago and swim in the clear waters of the Adriatic, enjoying the stunning sunsets and meeting locals. You paddle about 20 km per day, visiting the islands of Prvic, Zlarin, Kaprije, Kakan and Zirje on your way. A modern way of life has not yet reached these islands so you will have a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the past and learn about the traditions and history of the area.Read more >
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Balkans vacation adventure

Off the beaten path This is not Europe as you know it. The Balkan Adventure leads you to the side of Europe you’ve never seen before – the wild side. The whole region bursts of natural and cultural wealth, yet it remains enigmatic to many, and practically untouched by mass tourism. From Bosnia & Hercegovina to Montenegro, capture the essence of the Balkans with this short break. Hike through the oldest forest, swim in the clearest lake, and explore the deepest canyon while meeting the different people, traditions, and cuisines of the region. The Wild Side of the Balkan Corner The Balkan Adventure takes us to the historic and impressive Perucica primeval forest. Located in Sutjeska ...Read more >
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Croatia activity vacation

Unique town hidden in the Krka River estuary Krka River Weekend Escape is a short active vacation based in the beautiful little town of Skradin. Skradin is a unique little town hidden in the Krka River estuary, on the very edge of the national park. This small picturesque town is rich in history and has a friendly atmosphere. The trip consists of a different activity each day, including cycling, river kayak and sea kayak. There is hardly a better way to get around the National Park Krka River area, than cycling. This biking route will lead us through Croatian history while enjoying a landscape of forests, hills and monuments. As for the kayaking day we will take you to the beautiful ...Read more >
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Kornati sailing adventure, 4 days

Kornati sailing adventure is a tour designed for those who appreciate an active vacation with a dose of sailing luxury. Croatia is one of the most popular European destinations for sailing, and undoubtedly, Kornati Islands are its best part. In the coastal waters of Sibenik there is an archipelago of 152 islands, 89 of which are part of the Kornati National Park. On this trip we take advantage of locations accessible only by boat enjoy the crystal-clear waters and unearthly peaceful atmosphere far away from the crowds. You will have plenty of leisure time aboard the catamaran sailing and enjoying the sun and amazing scenery. While we sail, we look for the best bays for swimming, kayaking, ...Read more >
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Multisport vacation in Croatia

It doesn’t get better than this active vacation! Rivers by the Sea is one adventure with two experiences - a balanced mix of multisport adventure and sailing leisure, offering the best of what Croatia has to offer. The first half of this tour is based in the small, picturesque town of Skradin. Skradin is famous for its vicinity to numerous attractive locations such as the Krka River National Park, Velebit Nature Park, and the Sibenik archipelago. Each day’s activity takes us on an adventure in one of those locations where you can enjoy an active vacation of sea kayaking, river kayaking, cycling, walking, and sightseeing. With its laid-back atmosphere, authentic architecture, and preserved ...Read more >
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Croatia packrafting tour

Explore the gems of the Plitvice lakes area and the Velebit nature park in this exciting 5 day adventure! The Packrafting Croatia Adventure is designed for active and curious nature lovers who value the dose of autonomy you get with a packraft while in a safe group setting. Our daily program is a combination of packrafting, swimming and visiting points of interest along the way. Being small, packrafts are able to go where other vessels cannot, which gives you more freedom to explore the narrow river canyons of Mrenica and Zrmanja river. Mreznica and Zrmanja rivers are natural oasis' set in spectacular canyons. There are plenty of rapids and magnificent waterfalls and they are easy and safe ...Read more >
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