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Mozambique wildlife safari in Gorongosa National Park

Gorongosa National Park is a truly stunning wilderness area with a fascinating and turbulent history. For much of the 20th century, it was one of the most famed national parks in all of Southern Africa, with visitors flocking across the world to marvel at its beauty, and its celebrated wildlife. Sadly, much of this wildlife disappeared when Gorongosa found itself at the center of the Mozambican Civil War from 1977 to 1992. Animals were poached en masse, tourist revenue disappeared, and this beautiful national park was reduced to a shadow of its former self. In recent years, though, a conservation has unfolded. The astute work of a US NGO has transformed Gorongosa and restored it to its ...Read more >
From 2,500 excluding flights

Chad wildlife vacation in Zakouma NP

Zakouma is, quite simply, one of the most remarkable wilderness areas Africa has to offer. After years of mismanagement, poaching and unrest, this ecosystem has recovered remarkably well, and can now offer visitors an excellent game-viewing experience. With a private vehicle for game-viewing, this tour allows clients to take full advantage of this for five full days. Primary quarries include lion, leopard, cheetah, buffalo and even wild dog, but Zakouma can also offer the only rhinos in Central Africa, as well as the largest single herd of bush elephant on the continent. Zakouma gets even better after dark, and we will head out on night drives each night, with the chance of spotting rare ...Read more >
From 2,995 excluding flights

Zambia wildlife vacation in depth

Zambia has an incredible amount to offer visitors, whether this is your first safari or you have visited the continent countless times. Whilst many visitors only scratch the surface of this incredible country, this deeply detailed safari takes visitors to the very heart of many of Zambia's most spectacular safari destinations. Starting in the west, this tour begins with several days deep within the Kafue National Park, arguably Zambia's greatest wilderness. With opportunities to explore the exclusive Busanga Plains, as well as the productive game-viewing areas around Mayukuyuku, this is a wonderful start to any safari. Clients will have the chance to seek out leopard, lion, wild dog, ...Read more >
From 4,395 excluding flights

Namibia wildlife safari, off the beaten track

Namibia is well-known as one of the premier safari destinations in all of Africa. With large populations of many exciting species, including lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant and rhino, this is no surprise. However, it is often the case that visitors barely scratch the surface of this incredible destination, with many only spending time on the traditional tourist areas of Etosha, Sossusvlei, Damaraland and Swakopmund. We think this is a great shame, and this itinerary offers a far richer and deeper safari experience for any visitor. Damaraland and Etosha and unmissable highlights, and this tour puts both destinations in pride of place. These areas remain some of the finest spots for big cat ...Read more >
From 4,995 excluding flights

Malawi wildlife safari

Malawi, despite its natural beauty, is very rarely visited by nature-lovers. In recent years, though, this has begun to change as extensive efforts by NGOs has restored Malawi's two flagship protected areas, Majete and Liwonde, to much of their former glory. The northern reaches of the country, though, remain well off of the beaten track, with only the most intrepid and committed nature lovers visiting these wilderness areas. The future looks exceedingly bright for these areas, including the stunning Nyika Plateau as well as Kasungu National Park, Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve and Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve. The fact that the contiguous Luangwa Valley, in Zambia, continues to boast ...Read more >
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Northern Kenya safari, off the beaten track

For many, Kenya conjures up images of vast open plains dominated by the Great Migration. There is no question that Southern Kenya has a huge amount to offer nature lovers, and it is little surprise that so many flock to the Masai Mara, Amboseli and other iconic wilderness areas. However, much of the north of Kenya brims with similar potential, but remains relatively untouched. Only those in the know head to areas including Samburu, Ol Pejeta, the Aberdares and Laikipia Wilderness, and these intrepid visitors are richly rewarded. Samburu's stunning natural beauty is matched only by its excellent game-viewing. It is perhaps the finest destination in Kenya for spotting leopards, with visitors ...Read more >
From 3,395 excluding flights

Tanzania Southern circuit safari vacation

For those in the know, there are few areas better for a safari than Southern Tanzania. Far from the crowds of the Serengeti, areas including the Selous (also known as Nyerere), Ruaha, Mikumi and Udzungwa boast some of the best game-viewing in Africa. Usually these areas are priced well beyond the means of most safari-goers, but this budget safari takes you to these amazing parks on a shoestring. Nyerere National Park offers a great chance to view a range of species, including large prides of lion, marauding packs of wild dog, spotted hyena, elephant, buffalo and even black rhino. There is also a rich diversity of more generic game species, including giraffe, zebra and wildebeest, and the ...Read more >
From 3,195 excluding flights

Ethiopia wildlife vacation

Ethiopia is a land of huge variety, from the arid deserts of the north, to the vast wetlands in the west and the savanna and mountains of the south. Few other countries can claim to boast such as rich diversity of cultures, landscapes and wildlife, and it is the latter that this tour seeks out. Ethiopia is a hotspot for endemism, with several species found nowhere else on earth. Examples include the gorgeous Ethiopian wolves of the Bale Mountains, the Bale monkey and the mountain nyala. But, unbeknownst to many, Ethiopia can also offer fragmented and elusive populations of some of Africa's most highly prized and charismatic mammals, including lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dog. This ...Read more >
From 4,395 excluding flights

Wild dog safari in Zimbabwe

Along with the Okavango Delta and Nyerere National Park, there are two destinations most commonly recognised as the finest locations in which to spot African wild dogs - both in Zimbabwe. Mana Pools and Hwange National Park are wonderful safari destinations, between them offering the chance to spot lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, hippo, black rhino, white rhino and much more. But, without a doubt, their most famous residents are the packs of African wild dogs that roam, hunt and play in these wildernesses. Hugely charismatic and entertaining, wild dogs are one of the most sought-after species in Africa, and this tour takes you to the heart of their strongholds. Starting ...Read more >
From 3,795 excluding flights

Rwanda safari vacation

Sadly, Rwanda is perhaps most famous in the western world for the atrocities associated with the 1994 genocide. Whilst such terrible events are still very much a fixture in this country's consciousness, the transformation of Rwanda since 1994 is nothing short of remarkable. This small country is now one of the safest in Africa, with a modern capital in Kigali and a government committed to economic and political stability. Rwanda's wild areas have undergone a similar about-turn in fortunes. The 1990s saw poaching, habitat destruction and outbreaks of rabies and canine distemper that reduced its flagship reserve, Akagera, to a shell of its former self. Now under the management of the ...Read more >
From 5,095 excluding flights

Northern Uganda safari, off the beaten track

Whilst most visitors to Uganda understandably flock to the forests of Bwindi to see mountain gorillas, the northern reaches of this fantastic country are left relatively untouched. These remote areas conceal some of Uganda's very finest wildlife viewing. The open plains of Kidepo Valley is home to Uganda's only population of cheetah, but also large herds of buffalo, prides of lion and many leopards. Murchison Falls is a birder's paradise, with shoebill storks often seen - but the park also offers great leopard, lion and elephant viewing, along with rarities such as bunyoro rabbit and giant forest hog. And the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary allows guests to track white rhino on foot, a rare and ...Read more >
From 4,195 excluding flights

Kenya wildlife vacation, migration and more

There is no doubt that Kenya boasts some of the finest game-viewing in all of Africa, but also many hidden gems that are hardly ever explored. This itinerary takes guests to some of Kenya's best wildlife destinations, but also well off the beaten path. In Kenya's little-visited east, guests can find themselves in environments as diverse as dense riverine forest, arid savanna or dazzling beaches. Our stay in Arabuko-Sokoke offers a glimpse into the forests that once hugged the entirety of this coastline. This forest can't offer the big game of larger savanna reserves, but does offer a fascinating glimpse of endemic species such as Sokoke dog mongoose. Most importantly, it is a window into ...Read more >
From 4,895 excluding flights

Tanzania migration safari, beyond the Serengeti

What is there to say about the Serengeti that hasn't already been said? This stunning expansive wilderness is home to some of the highest densities of wildlife in Africa, with visitors routinely spending time with all of the 'Big Five'. The Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater are truly the Africa many visitors dream of, with booming populations of lion, elephant, giraffe, black rhino, leopard, cheetah and, more recently, African wild dog. Our visit is also timed to coincide with the height of the 'Great Migration', when huge herds of wildebeest, zebra and other grazers amass in their thousands. On occasion, these herds stream across the Mara River in the far north of the Serengeti, ...Read more >
From 4,795 excluding flights

Malawi wildlife vacation

Malawi packs a huge punch for a relatively small country. Sometimes referred to as the 'Scotland of Africa', on account of its beautiful scenery, Malawi has historically been overlooked due to its limited safari potential. This has all changed in recent years, with the hard work of the dedicated NGO African Parks restoring Malawi's premier wilderness areas to their former glory. This itinerary takes in two of these area, Majete and Liwonde. Both were decimated by poaching in the latter half of the twentieth century, but a combination of rigorous management and ambitious translocations of wildlife have led to Malawi becoming one of the few conservation success stories on the continent. ...Read more >
From 3,695 excluding flights

Ghana wildlife vacation and pangolin safari

Whilst Ghana is not the most obvious safari destination, it has plenty to offer the committed and diligent wildlife-watcher. In particular, Ghana's forests are home to a significant population of black-bellied and white-bellied pangolin, extremely rare mammals that are subject to extensive trafficking. This illicit activity has decimated their wild populations, fuelled largely be the demand for their scales in Vietnamese medicine, a real tragedy. Though Ghana's human population is booming, their remain a number of protected areas that preserve a wide array of exciting species. The dense rainforests of Bobiri, Ankasa and Kakum not only protect pangolin, but also many diverse primate ...Read more >
From 2,395 excluding flights

Uganda wildlife safari, small group

Uganda is sometimes referred to as 'the pearl of Africa', and it's not hard to see why. From the densely forested mountains of Bwindi that host gorillas, to the open savannas of Queen Elizabeth National Park, every safari destination in Uganda is world-class in its own right. And this itinerary takes you to the very heart of this fabulous country. Combining gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking and traditional game drives, all geared towards close encounters with rare wildlife, this itinerary packs a huge punch.Read more >
From 4,450 excluding flights

Senegal wildlife vacation

It is hard to believe that just a stone's throw from the busy tourist beaches of the Canary Islands lies one of Africa's most valuable and threatened safari destinations. Senegal offers an impressive diversity of habitat and, whilst wildlife densities are not as high as elsewhere on the continent, what visitors might see is truly astounding. This safari takes guests directly to Senegal's best wildlife-watching destinations. The coastline offers the chance of sightings of African manatee and Atlantic humpback dolphin, species hardly ever seen elsewhere in Africa. The real jewel in Senegal's crown, though, is the Niokolo-Koba National Park, where some of Africa's most charismatic wildlife ...Read more >
From 2,795 excluding flights

Benin wildlife vacation

Benin is the last stronghold in West Africa for many of the iconic species with which Africa is associated. Lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and cheetah all still roam the beautiful Pendjari National Park in the country's far north, and visitors can expect to spot rarities including western hartebeest and korrigum. Pendjari is undoubtedly one of the most exciting destinations in the region and this tour couples Pendjari with several wonderful protected areas further south, including the Kikele and Gnanhouizounme Sacred Forests, where elusive primates including mona monkey and white-thighed colobus. Lucky visitors may even glimpse red river hog or sitatunga in this fragmented forest habitat. ...Read more >
From 2,795 excluding flights

Angola safari vacation

Angola is arguably the most exciting emerging safari destination in Southern Africa. Rendered inaccessible by civil war for many years, this wonderful country is now safe, stable and ready to welcome visitors. With a rich variety of landscapes, undiscovered wilderness areas and many friendly people hailing from a rich variety of ethnic groups, Angola really does have something for everyone. This itinerary is the first specialist mammal-watching tour to visit Angola. Whilst wildlife densities are not high, the variety of species that may be seen is great, and the national parks visited are truly stunning and hardly ever seen by tourists. This tour takes in the extraordinary remote coast of ...Read more >
From 6,595 excluding flights

Zambia leopard safari in Luangwa

Of all the wildlife on the African continent, one of the most highly prized by all safari-goers is unquestionably the leopard. Graceful, powerful and majestic, these big cats are a highlight of any safari. Sadly, though, sightings can be hard to come by in many safari destinations, as these animals are uniquely shy and elusive. South Luangwa, though, is famous for its ability to produce sightings of these retiring cats on a regular basis - in fact, it is not uncommon to see multiple leopards on a single drive! This record, as well as the chance of spotting lion, elephant, buffalo, wild dog, makes South Luangwa a must-visit destination. When one considers the high level of endemism in the ...Read more >
From 3,995 excluding flights
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