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Chad wildlife vacation in Zakouma NP

Zakouma is, quite simply, one of the most remarkable wilderness areas Africa has to offer. After years of mismanagement, poaching and unrest, this ecosystem has recovered remarkably well, and can now offer visitors an excellent game-viewing experience. With a private vehicle for game-viewing, this tour allows clients to take full advantage of this for five full days. Primary quarries include lion, leopard, cheetah, buffalo and even wild dog, but Zakouma can also offer the only rhinos in Central Africa, as well as the largest single herd of bush elephant on the continent. Zakouma gets even better after dark, and we will head out on night drives each night, with the chance of spotting rare ...Read more >
From £7,050 including domestic flights only

Namibia wildlife safari, off the beaten track

Namibia is well-known as one of the premier safari destinations in all of Africa. With large populations of many exciting species, including lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant and rhino, this is no surprise. However, it is often the case that visitors barely scratch the surface of this incredible destination, with many only spending time on the traditional tourist areas of Etosha, Sossusvlei, Damaraland and Swakopmund. We think this is a great shame, and this itinerary offers a far richer and deeper safari experience for any visitor. This itinerary takes in the vast wildernesses of Khaudum, Bwabwata and Nkasa Rupara national parks. These areas are far less commonly visited than Etosha and, ...Read more >
From £7,450 including domestic flights only

Northern Cape wildlife vacation in South Africa

The northern reaches of South Africa can feel a world away from the rest of the country. Whilst many visitors flock to the Kruger, or to Cape Town, the Northern Cape can often feel exclusive and isolated, offering an antidote to the throngs of crowds that can descend elsewhere in South Africa. The dunes of the Kgalagadi are a real highlight, boasting impressive densities of rare predators including lion, leopard, cheetah, caracal and wild cat. Desert residents including gemsbok, springbok, red hartebeest and brown hyena are also regularly spotted here, making our stay hugely rewarding. But there are even rarer mammals to be seen in this corner of South Africa. Night drives in Benfontein and ...Read more >
From £12,850 excluding flights

Sao Tome & Principe birding tour

Explore some of Africa's most renowned birding locations in the company of expert local guides and other passionate birders on this wonderful Sao Tome and Principe bird watching tour. As part of a small group (max. 10 travelers), you'll roam these refreshingly undeveloped islands in the Gulf of Guinea in search of their many prized endemic species. Maroon pigeons, Sao Tome paradise-flycatchers, Principe sunbirds and kingfishers, and the elusive and highly sought-after scops-owl are all on the agenda. Many can be spotted in the gardens of your luxurious hotels, but for others your friendly and knowledgeable local guides will lead you deep into forests, sometimes camping overnight to make ...Read more >
From £4,050 including domestic flights only

Mozambique safari in Gorongosa National Park

This safari vacation pays tribute to one of Africa’s greatest conservation successes. Decimated by years of fighting during the Mozambique Civil War, its spectacular wildlife populations driven to the edge of extinction, Gorongosa National Park is now the subject of a progressive partnership between the government and a US-based organisation, the Carr Foundation. Working closely with local communities they have restored a legendary safari destination, and their efforts here have only just begun... Exploring the park in private open-topped jeeps, by boat and on foot in the company of expert guides, you’ll encounter a host of wildlife. Lion and elephant numbers are growing strongly. ...Read more >
From £4,250 excluding flights

Gabon safari vacation by train

Gabon is probably the hottest property on the safari market right now, and with good reason. The wildlife-viewing in parks such as Lope, Loango and Ivindo is hugely challenging, but also deeply rewarding, with a lovely mix of big game, great apes and rare forest endemics. But the market is getting crowded, as large operators tap into the obvious potential of Gabon, and the 'standard' blueprint of tours to Gabon has begun to fray at the edges. Even in the last few years, areas that were once a fixture on the safari circuit, such as Mikongo, have become less and less impressive, as pressure has increased from both poaching and irresponsible tourism. With all of this in mind, we are ...Read more >
From £10,550 including domestic flights only

DR of Congo, Bonobo vacation

For years, sightings of bonobo have been incredibly difficult to come by. These special primates, also known as gracile chimpanzees, are endemic to the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As such, sightings have historically been limited to those travelers intrepid enough to venture deep into the Congolese interior to strongholds for this species in Lomako and Salonga. Now, though, that has all changed. Situated just a few hours upstream from the metropolis of Kinshasa, Nkala plays host to a narrow stretch of savanna-forest mosaic where a habituated group of bonobo remains. This forest has been badly affected by poaching, but local beliefs have protected the bonobos, and ...Read more >
From £4,950 excluding flights

Malawi wildlife vacation

Malawi packs a huge punch for a relatively small country. Sometimes referred to as the 'Scotland of Africa', on account of its beautiful scenery, Malawi has historically been overlooked due to its limited safari potential. This has all changed in recent years, with the hard work of the dedicated NGO African Parks restoring Malawi's premier wilderness areas to their former glory. This itinerary takes in three of these areas, Majete, Nyika and Vwaza Marsh. All were decimated by poaching in the latter half of the twentieth century, but a combination of rigorous management and ambitious translocations of wildlife have led to Malawi becoming one of the few great conservation success stories on ...Read more >
From £5,095 including domestic flights only

Ghana wildlife vacation and pangolin safari

Whilst Ghana is not the most obvious safari destination, it has plenty to offer the committed and diligent wildlife-watcher. In particular, Ghana's forests are home to a significant population of black-bellied and white-bellied pangolin, extremely rare mammals that are subject to extensive trafficking. This illicit activity has decimated their wild populations, fuelled largely be the demand for their scales in Vietnamese medicine, a real tragedy. Though Ghana's human population is booming, their remain a number of protected areas that preserve a wide array of exciting species. The dense rainforests of Bobiri, Ankasa and Kakum not only protect pangolin, but also many diverse primate ...Read more >
From £4,150 excluding flights

Rare wildlife vacation, Madagascar

When considering where to visit in Madagascar, the options can seem overwhelming. The mammal life on this wonderful island is diverse, but geographically disparate, with ever-shrinking islands of forest protecting some of the world's most iconic species. This itinerary takes clients to the far south-west and north-east of Madagascar, offering a snapshot of some of this island's most incredible wildlife. Kirindy and Tsimanampetsote, in the south-west, are home to some of Madagascar's most highly-prized species. The world-famous ring-tailed lemur is abundant here, and it is also the best region in which to locate fossa, Verreaux's sifaka and a rich diversity of other lemurs and small ...Read more >
From £4,895 including domestic flights only

Akagera NP wildife tour, Rwanda

For most, Rwanda conjures up images of mountain gorillas or, much more sadly, unrest. In truth, Rwanda is starting to rival some of its bigger East African brothers when it comes to savanna game-viewing too, and this tour is a chance to see this in its nascency. Akagera, stunningly beautiful park, lost most of its wildlife in the 1990s and early 2000s. But, now, after incredible efforts on the part of African Parks, this park is at the top of its game once more. No itinerary offers such an in-depth review of the entirety of this park, home not only to a rich diversity of grazers, but also white rhino, black rhino, elephant, buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard and much more. The birding is ...Read more >
From £2,950 excluding flights

Angola safari vacation

Angola is arguably the most exciting emerging safari destination in Southern Africa. Rendered inaccessible by civil war for many years, this wonderful country is now safe, stable and ready to welcome visitors. With a rich variety of landscapes, undiscovered wilderness areas and many friendly people hailing from a rich variety of ethnic groups, Angola really does have something for everyone. This itinerary is the first specialist mammal-watching tour to visit Angola. Whilst wildlife densities are not high, the variety of species that may be seen is great, and the national parks visited are truly stunning and hardly ever seen by tourists. This tour takes in the extraordinary remote ...Read more >
From £10,450 including domestic flights only

Senegal wildlife vacation

It is hard to believe that just a stone's throw from the busy tourist beaches of the Canary Islands lies one of Africa's most valuable and threatened safari destinations. Senegal offers an impressive diversity of habitat and, whilst wildlife densities are not as high as elsewhere on the continent, what visitors might see is truly astounding. This safari takes guests directly to Senegal's best wildlife-watching destinations. The coastline offers the chance of sightings of African manatee and Atlantic humpback dolphin, species hardly ever seen elsewhere in Africa. The real jewel in Senegal's crown, though, is the Niokolo-Koba National Park, where some of Africa's most charismatic wildlife ...Read more >
From £3,150 including domestic flights only

Djibouti & Somaliland, the horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa must surely be amongst the greatest unexplored wildernesses left in Africa today. Many potential visitors are put off by a paucity of good accommodation options, as well as fears about insecurity, but the truth is that the welcomes extended here are some of the warmest in the world. Somalia itself remains deeply unstable, but the northern region of Somaliland is far from it. Self-governing, and far from the chaos of Mogadishu, Somaliland is doubtless a frontier for tourism, but it is safe to visit and thousands safely make the trip ech year. Djibouti, also unheralded by ecotourists, is overlooked at the peril of those who would enjoy its stunning scenery, from the ...Read more >
From £1,950 excluding flights

Cameroon small group safari vacation

Whilst the forests of Gabon and the Central African Republic have become world famous for their impressive wildlife spectacles, neighbouring Cameroon has largely avoided this attention. This is, perhaps, understandable, given that some of Cameroon's rainforests have seen sad levels of degradation due to rampant logging and poaching. However, for those in the know, pockets of the Cameroonian wilderness remain hugely productive for wildlife-viewing. Lobeke National Park can, on its day, offer sightings on a par with anywhere in Africa, with flocks of green pigeon stalked by golden cat, and open savannas dotted with forest elephant and buffalo. Campo Ma'an is a biodiversity hotspot unlike any ...Read more >
From £5,395 excluding flights

Uganda wildlife safari, small group

This superb safari in Uganda takes you through 'the pearl of Africa' in search of many wonderful animal species, with traditional game drives complimented by safaris on foot, by boat and at night. And naturally, as you're in Uganda, it also includes a day spent gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to spend an hour with man's closest cousins - a breathtaking, unforgettable experience. Every location on this Uganda safari can rightfully stake a claim among Africa's very finest: Queen Elizabeth National Park - renowned for its leopards, elephants, lions and tree-climbing lions. Here you'll take a boat safari along the Kazinga Channel and likely see a number of mighty ...Read more >
From £5,150 excluding flights

Kwa-Zulu Natal and Kruger safari, South Africa

South Africa is truly one of the most complete destinations anywhere in the world - from the wilds of the Kruger to the bustling metropolis of Cape Town in the shadow of Table Mountain, there is truly something for everyone here. Sadly, though, many visitors barely scratch the surface, with most flocking to the Garden Route or the Kruger. These destinations are truly wonderful, but going beyond these hotspots adds a huge amount of depth to any visit to the country. With this in mind, this small-group safari takes clients not only to the superb game-viewing areas of Kruger, but also to the stunning beauty of eSwatini and the hidden gems of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Visitors should expect sightings of ...Read more >
From £4,595 excluding flights

Laikipia Plateau luxury safari in Kenya

Whilst crowds flock to the Masai Mara, a safari destination with arguably just as much to offer elsewhere in Kenya remains relatively unvisited. With the highest predator density in Kenya outside of the Mara, but just a fraction of the tourist footfall, the Laikipia Plateau is truly a hidden gem. Boasting excellent populations of all of the big five, Laikipia has a huge amount to offer the first-time safari-goer. Perhaps, though, Laikipia has even more to offer a seasoned safari-enthusiast or mammal-watcher, with its extraordinary propensity to deliver wonderful sightings, including of striped hyena, aardwolf, zorilla, melanistic leopard and, most famously, packs of African wild dog. The ...Read more >
From £6,550 including domestic flights only

Rare wildlife safari vacation, Ehtiopia

Ethiopia is a land of huge variety, from the arid deserts of the north, to the vast wetlands in the west and the savanna and mountains of the south. Few other countries can claim to boast such as rich diversity of cultures, landscapes and wildlife, and it is the latter that this tour seeks out. Ethiopia is a hotspot for endemism, with several species found nowhere else on earth. Examples include the gorgeous Ethiopian wolves of the Bale Mountains, the Bale monkey and the mountain nyala. But, unbeknownst to many, Ethiopia can also offer fragmented and elusive populations of some of Africa's most highly prized and charismatic mammals, including lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dog. This ...Read more >
From £5,895 excluding flights

Liberia wildlife and wilderness vacation

West Africa as a whole is rarely visited for its wildlife, with most flocking to the savannas of Eastern and Southern Africa in search of the 'Big Five'. Those who do head west tend to head to the few established wildlife destinations in the region, many of which we are proud to have opened up for ecotourism. However, Liberia remains almost completely untouched by visitors. It is, admittedly, an extremely challenging country to visit, with an undeveloped road network, little culture of wildlife guiding and almost no infrastructure. But, for the first time in decades, wildlife-focussed visits are now possible. This tour focusses on Liberia's last great wilderness, Sapo National Park. ...Read more >
From £2,850 excluding flights
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