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New York to San Francisco tour in America

Our America tour is packed with a whole series of hands-on activities and experiences that bring to life this fascinating nation. We travel to the big cities and spend time amidst the remote natural wonder. Each day offers a different slice of Americana as we make our way from the big cities of the East Coast, the glitz of Vegas to the chilled out vibes of California via some fantastic stop offs. Our adventure leaders will bring to life the places that we visit and we have a whole loads of experience beyond the standard tourist sights. Whether that's a yoga class in Central Park, learning how to shoot hoops in Philly or in line skating along Venice Beach. For foodies- America offers up a ...Read more >
From £3,395 excluding flights

California 9 day tour, LA to San San Francisco

This 9 day California group tour showcases the rich diversity of the "Golden State." Take in the natural splendour of Yosemite and the sweeping ocean views of Santa Cruz. Immerse yourself in the culture of San Francisco and Los Angeles. All this whilst enjoying the warm welcome of the locals and the beautiful weather. This trip is guaranteed to get you California dreamin'... This trip offers a varied snapshot of life in one of the world’s most desirable locations. We start off in L.A before heading up the coast on one of the world’s most scenic train rides. There’s time to experience the Californian beach vibes before a couple of days of stunning nature in Yosemite National Park. Finish in ...Read more >
From £1,045 excluding flights

New York to Boston, small group tour

Our East Coast America group tour takes in some of the nation's most iconic cities as well as stepping off the beaten track into coastal splendour. Discover the majesty of these East Coast cities- from the spell-binding skyline of N.Y.C, the fascinating history of Boston to the imposing grandeur of Washington D.C. We’ll show you the unmissable sights that make these places famous but also offer experiences to really understand how these places tick. From yoga in Central Park, shooting hoops in Philly to live comedy in Boston – there’s a whole lot more than just the star-studded attractions. Plus- we’ll venture out of the cities with stops on the coast, countryside and even the ocean.Read more >
From £1,475 excluding flights

Las Vegas to Los Angeles small group tour

This Canyons to California tour packs in a true variety of incredible American experiences. From the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, the rugged beauty of the Grand Canyon to the magic of Los Angeles. This expertly crafted journey allows you to see a whole range of this great country without breaking the bank! It’s hard to think of a more varied trip than this 8 day journey through some of the country’s most stunning scenery. Kick off in Vegas with its gaudy, garish glamour before a slice of something totally different with a hiking and camping experience in the desolate beauty of The Grand Canyon. Relax at a craft brewery in Arizona, take in the infamous Route 66 and end up in Los Angeles ...Read more >
From £1,170 excluding flights

Las Vegas to San Francisco tour

The West Coast is a true treasure trove of magnificent scenery, stunning cities and gorgeous weather. This 2 week West Coast America tour includes a whole series of highlights. Camp amidst natural wonder in Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, stroll Californian city streets and experience Vegas in all its glory. What's more - there's epic trips on Route 66 and the Pacific Coast. Get right into the heart of the places we visit with this trip that includes a whole bunch of quintessentially American activities. Camp, under the stars, at Yosemite, hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon, visit the island prison of Alcatraz, in-line skate along Venice Beach, surf in Santa Cruz and cycle across the ...Read more >
From £2,095 excluding flights

New York to LA small group tour

This trip takes in two stunning sections of America. Start in the East with its iconic cities, charming coastline and fascinating history. Fly over to the West for a slice of something totally different but equally awesome! The Grand Canyon, Route 66 and the delights of L.A all await. This 2 week tour offers contrasting experiences from both sides of the country. From camping, under the stars, in the Grand Canyon to bar-hopping in Brooklyn, the glitz of Vegas to the historical charm of Boston, in-line skating on Venice Beach to playing basketball in Philly- this trip showcases a true variety of Americana.Read more >
From £2,870 excluding flights
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