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South Georgia wildlife photography tour

Join us on a 15-day in-depth wildlife viewing and photography exploration of South Georgia’s spectacular nature. This small ship adventure is the most in-depth South Georgia expedition available. We have designed it to maximize the time spent ashore at South Georgia’s breathtaking wildlife sites. Unlike trips on larger vessels, the time spent ashore will be unhurried and allow you time to experience and photograph the fantastic nature firsthand. All guests will be split into small groups to maximize photography and wildlifeviewing opportunities. We will visit the breathtaking St Andrew’s Bay, home to over 100,000 King Penguins where we aim to immerse ourselves in one of the most incredible ...Read more >
From US $13,995 excluding flights

Svalbard expedition cruise vacation

This is an intimate small group experience with a minimum of one guide for every 6 guests. Because it’s an adventure, you will journey intimately on MV Kinfish, with a group just 12 other explorers. On this expedition, we will venture to the northern wilderness to explore the beautiful landscapes, wildlife, and glaciers of Northwest Spitsbergen. Every day is an adventure and we will use the Zodiac landing craft to explore walrus haulouts, to cruise the edge of the sea ice for wildlife including polar bears, and to take short hikes ashore to explore different natural and historical sites including glaciers and the raw nature of the Arctic. The main island of Spitsbergen is known for its ...Read more >
From 9,500 excluding flights

Svalbard photography expedition tour

Explore and photograph the magical beauty of Svalbard on the hi-end, MV Explorer, with just 12 guests in total. Enjoy a hot tub or sauna on deck after a long day out exploring.The aim of each trip is to maximise photo opportunities to include wildlife, glaciers, sea ice,and the outstandingnatural beauty of Svalbard. Choose between early in the season when you can expect lots of ice, frozen landscapes and wildlife or a longer expedition during the summer months. Our photo tours are designed for people of all levels from professional, semi-pro, or amateur. Our May tours are led by Florian Ledoux who is a polar bear filming specialist in Svalbard and his credits include Netflix, Disney and Nat ...Read more >
From 8,900 excluding flights
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