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review 16 Aug 2006

My husband, my 11-year-old son and I, booked our trek with this operator per your instructions July 27th. We stayed in Nepal for the entire month of August. The Full Moon Festival and Shamanism trek was amazing. There is so much I could say about our personal growth and the incredible views that I could write a book. The staff at this operator is wonderful. They were on top of all communications. They answered our emails each day, when we arrived we were met at the airport by Nima Lama, who was our guide. He brought us to our hotel and from then on we were well taken care of by him. The porters and other guides that he provided us with (as well as personally being our leader on the trek) were kind, courteous, wonderful people whom we grew to know and enjoy their company as well. Nima was also resourceful. My knees were not as strong as I had thought which became evident early in the trek. I was determined to complete the trek, so Nima assigned a guide to keep me going at my own pace. Nono Sherpa was his name. He had an uncanny way of knowing exactly when I needed a hand and when I wanted to do it myself. I never fell or stumbled; Nono was always there to steady me. On the narrowest steepest passes and waterfalls Nono managed to be there by my side. When my knees grew too stiff to safely trek down the 15,000 foot mountain from Lake Gosainkunda, Nima hired a horse. That horseback ride was the probably the highlight of my trip. I never knew a horse could go up and down such steep inclines and cross a suspension bridge. All the while, Nima or Nono were by my side watching over me. Our son was well watched over by the entire crew, and he even learned a bit of the language. The other trekkers were very nice people who took him under their wing. Lifelong friendships were formed. It was a great group. The magic of the Shaman pilgrimage was palpable. At one point in one of the villages, Sing Gompa, I was watching the Tamang women dance. I was following their dance steps when one of them grabbed me and pulled me into the circle. Another put her hat on me and we danced together for hours. They brought me with them to other dance circles and when I could dance no longer, too tired to move, they all hugged me with genuine affection. That is a warmth I will carry with me my entire life. After our trek we booked a couple more, one to Poon Hill and one to Chitwan. We knew that, based on our experience with this operator, we would be well looked after, and we were. I would definitely rate the Shaman Trek at a ***** five star experience. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this operator to anyone. They are superb. I’ll be proud to direct my friends to the web site. We will be booking our next vacation through Responsible Travel. It is comforting to know that a group such as yourselves have done the work of finding good people who run local businesses to bring the world community closer together.

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