Colorado wine tasting tours, USA

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Responsible tourism: Colorado wine tasting tours, USA


Western Colorado's dry climate is well suited for organic and biodynamic farming. Our methods help to preserve the environment at the same time as creating high quality products that are unique and authentic to our surroundings. We're a USDA-certified vineyard and farm and have been since our first planting in 2000. We began using biodynamic practices in 2006 with the help of Demeter USA and the Josephine Porter Institute. Demeter USA's philosophy is to 'heal the planet through agriculture', and the Josephine Porter group make the ins and outs of biodynamic farming more accessible to gardeners and farmers by offering support and information as well as educational workshops.

While being organic eliminates the use of any chemicals that are harmful to the environment, biodynamics takes this further and enhances the vitality of our vineyards. By applying biodynamic procedures through the planting, cultivation and harvesting phases, we work to increase the health of our soil, plants as well as local wildlife.


We are at the heart of Colorado's wine country, and there are plenty of events that allow you to find out more about how life works here. There are also many other wineries in the area and its great to visit a number of different businesses to witness first hand what makes it different from the next.

Visiting the different wineries is an enjoyable way of contributing to the community and supporting local businesses. Locally made, organic and biodynamic wines support the environment and offer you a real taste of Colorado! They also make a great souvenir or gift to take home with you.

There is so much to see in this wonderful area, and its worth staying a few days to explore the best that the landscape has to offer, from National Forest to conservation areas. The views are simply spectacular and there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, including hiking and biking. If you'd like to stay a few nights just send us an enquiry, we'll be happy to recommend a local accommodation that will give you a warm welcome!

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