Kayak tours with manatees in Estero Bay, Florida

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Kayak tours with manatees in Estero Bay, Florida


We meet environmental sustainability by providing a service that is eco friendly and progressively builds the environmental movement. We operate only non-motorized vessels (Kayaks) as this has a minimum impact on the environment.

Our staff consists of only the top guides in the area. Our guides are Florida Master Naturalists and Marine Biologists. We promote conservation of all species on every level and have a local reputation for being a the prime example of environmental stewardship. As our understanding of nature grows, we see that it is beneficial to us all to provide and maintain a healthy natural environment for not only just animals, but for ourselves. We encourage our clients to get involved in conserving the environment and wildlife wherever they may live.

We use our guiding service to set the stage for animal rescues. In our five years of operation, we have rescued over twenty animals including seven Manatee, nine Pelicans, a Loggerhead Turtle, a Royal Tern, a Cormorant, an Osprey and more. Tim Martell , founder of Manatee Guides, was awarded the Save the Manatee Club "Manatee Hero" award after saving the lives of four Manatee in a row in 2013.


We push forward the conservation agenda and generate charity money daily through promotion of the ‘Manatee Adoption Program’ through the Save the Manatee Club. We endeavour to inspire people to take positive action. Through our work and website we provide visitors with information on local wildlife and conservation hero's, whose outstanding work helps rehabilitate wildlife and care for our environment in South-West Florida. As many of these organisations struggling to protect wildlife and our environment are often understaffed and underfunded we provide our guests with information on how to support and learn more about local Manatee, Dolphin and Turtle conservation efforts.

One local resource close to our hearts is the C.R.O.W organisation, a local Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife. While kayaking along a favourite stretch of beach, Tim Martell, came across a Royal Tern that was injured and wrapped in fishing line and took it to the C.R.O.W. Hospital. The response at the Hospital was amazing and we support the efforts of these dedicated professionals to create better habitats, treat sick, injured or dying animals.

We donate each and every year to different charities and services. We have made large donations to Lee County Parks and Recreation, The American Cancer Society and Wildtracks, a manatee rescue and rehabilitation partnership. We also volunteer for Lee County Parks and Tim Martell volunteers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to assist them with Manatee rescue and recovery. Heather Martell is volunteering at the Wildtracks Manatee and Primate Rehabilitation facility in Belize rehabilitating two young Manatee, Monkeys, Parrots and other animals. More charity events are being planned and we expect the events to continue to grow.

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