Community project in Northern India

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Community project in Northern India


Through educating the local community, this project aims to educate them about women empowerment as well as environmental awareness. Through this, volunteers participating in this project who will help out in educating the children will teach them about the importance of conserving our natural resources as well as reducing our waste. With that, the villagers will appreciate the natural resources which are available around them and not misuse them.

This project also includes basic first aid training to the villagers where by volunteers will be teaching the villagers about hygiene and nutrition awareness. With that, the villagers will be able to see the importance of keeping their body clean, their house clean as well as their environment clean.

The transportation used to move around in India is mainly using the train as it has large network. Using the train is encouraged if volunteers would like to explore other parts of India. Volunteers will also be using local transport to travel form the airport to the project site


Campaigning for a change: As the village volunteers will be working in a quite an undeveloped village, they are facing many social issues which this project is trying to overcome.

The local villagers are educated by the volunteers and the women in the villagers are given lots of opportunities so that the women there are able to be more independent and empowered to make a difference in their community. The children are educated so that they will have an open mind and know that their future is limitless so that they will aim to achieve their goals in life.

This project also will help the local villagers to gain new skills such as computer skills, IT, language (English) skills which will be helpful to get them a job. Volunteers coming into the village to meet with them will also benefit the villagers as there will be an exchange of ideas and perspective which will open the minds of the volunteers as well as the villagers.

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