Snowy river horse riding trip in Victoria, Australia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Snowy river horse riding trip in Victoria, Australia


This riding experience takes in many of the sustainable practices of our pioneers. For starters our transport by horseback has low carbon emmisions and our stay at Stockyard Pioneer homestead uses it's own generated power from a hydro generator on the Stockyard Creek that feeds into batteries and powers 12v lights at the homestead. The heating for the homestead is by woodfire that also doubles as a wood fired boiler fuelled from fallen timber on the property. Water is harvested onsite and sustains the needs of the property. Much of the food enjoyed is raised or grown there. Our 730 acre farm is a member of Delatite Landcare where we are protecting remnant vegetation and have conducted a survey of all the native species. It is regarded as one of the best examples of remnant vegetation in the area. We also provide safe breeding areas for many of our native species including eastern grey kangaroos, swamp wallabies, wombats, echidna's, wedge tail eagles and lyrebirds.


Our tours rely on our local community from start to finish. Firstly our permanent staff are from the local area. All our food is supplied locally from our local towns supermarket and butcher plus our gourmet salads are made at our regional produce store whom source as much of their food from local growers. as possible. We stay night 1 and 4 at a neighbours farm house and nights 2 and 3 at a remote homestead hosted by the owners. We dine out out at a local hotel. We sometimes visit our neighbours winery and lunch there. We have been a member of our local landcare for 10 years and Michael has volunteered for the last 6 years on the committee. We help raise funds for the local historical society by selling horseshoe magnets and donate free rides to local charities and community groups for their auctions to help raise funds for their causes. Michael is also a committe member of the Australian Alps National Landscape Inc that aims to promote our regions natural assets in a sustainable way through authentic nature based activities.

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