St Lucia birdwatching tour, tailor made

“A relaxing, nine-day tour of Saint Lucia, hoping to spot its six endemic birds and many other Caribbean species, as well as enjoying stunning scenery such as the volcano and botanical gardens.”


Mamiku Botanical Gardens & Estate | Quilesse Forest Reserve | Vieux Fort Wetlands | Millet Bird Sanctuary | North East Coast tour | Grand Anse Beach | Chance to see leatherback tuerles nesting (Mar-Sep only) | Optional: dolphin & whale watching boat tour, tour of Soufriere Volcano & Diamond Waterfall

Description of St Lucia birdwatching tour, tailor made

The twin peaks of the Pitons Mountains make Saint Lucia one of the most instantly recognisable islands in the Caribbean islands. Located in the Windward Islands, between the landmasses of North and South America, Saint Lucia is located right on the migratory flight path of many species of birds, and despite its tiny size, it has at least six endemic species. There are also many endemic subspecies, and Caribbean endemics in its forests, wetlands and around its coast. It is easy to travel around this little country, meaning you can explore the many diverse landscapes and see a great nu,ber of bird species in just a few days.

One of the endemic species we hope to observe on this vacation is the Saint Lucia parrot (Amazona Veriscolor) which came dangerously close to extinction in the 1980s, but made an incredible recovery thanks to focused breeding programmes. It is now the national bird. The other five species endemic to the island are the Saint Lucia peewee, Saint Lucia oriole, Saint Lucia black finch, Saint Lucia warbler and Semper’s warbler, and you’ll witness many other Caribbean endemics, too.

This tailor made tour can be customized to suit your interests, budget and preferred dates – with a choice of activities making it as active or relaxing as you wish. We always factor in time to appreciate the island’s gorgeous scenery, and as you are not traveling in a group, you can always take time out to take photographs, read or sunbathe!

This Saint Lucia bird watching tour is based out of the Fox Grove Inn, a cosy, 12-room hotel on the east coast. We’ve selected it as it is friendly and peaceful, but there are a number of other options we can recommend to suit different budgets. To extend your Caribbean birding experience, we can also organise an extension to this vacation in Trinidad – another regional hotspot.

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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: St Lucia birdwatching tour, tailor made


St Lucia has emerged as one of the more preferred eco-friendly destinations in the Caribbean. St Lucia’s lush vegetation and tropical rain forest, which lends itself to hiking, bird watching, and a whole host of nature-related activities, has long made it a favourite of those who are seeking a quieter, more environmentally friendly tourism experience.

Almost 35% of St Lucia is still under some form of forest cover and over a third of this is protected within the Government Forest Reserve. Most of the areas that you will visit to look for birds and wildlife are maintained and protected and the park fees that are included in this tour, help towards this. The Forest Reserve supports the entire breeding population of St Lucia Parrot and a large percentage of the St Lucia Black Finch population. It also protects all but one of the restricted-range birds that occur on St Lucia. The excellent local guides that will take you out on field trips have been trained by the Forestry Department in conservation.


Environmentally conscious travelers look for accommodation that subscribes to an eco-friendly ethos and all the hotels that we recommend in St Lucia have responded to the demand by examining the sources of energy they employ, sustainability of growth and conscientious waste management practices, and by forging relationships with the communities that host them. All these hotels are also locally owned and managed, drawing on the local communities for all their staffing needs and also their supplies. This has a very positive impact on the local economy.

St Lucia is renowned for its excellent cuisine using the freshest local ingredients and when a resort or restaurant grows their own produce or sources from local farmers and markets, you are guaranteed a great dining experience. We always recommend that guests eat out in local restaurants, try the street food from vendors and take part in the local culture, thus spreading vacation spending throughout the local community.

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