Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines small ship cruise

US $9475 excluding flights
15 Days
Japan, Philippines, Taiwan
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Includes: landing fees, pre/post cruise transfers, one night hotel accommodation (incl.
dinner/breakfast), house beer, wine and soft drinks with lunch and dinner, and all shore excursions and activities with noted naturalists on board.
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Description of Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines small ship cruise

An unforgettable 15-day cruise exploring Asia’s incredibly diverse and exotic subtropical islands from Osaka, Japan to Manila, Philippines aboard luxurious expedition ship.

Rarely visited and hard to reach, Asia’s subtropical islands comprise a wonderland where impossibly blue waters gently lap white sand beaches and pristine coral gardens and walls abound with neon-lit fish, fascinating rare birds and wildlife dwell in primeval jungles, intriguing time-forget cultures and traditions await discovery and World War II relics, wrecks and history can be found both above and below the water.

Our adventure begins exploring the Buddhist temples, gardens, castles, history, culture and cuisine of Japan including one of Japan’s most famous sites Itsukushima Shrine with its renowned overwater torii gate, Hiroshima Peace Park, the eco-paradise and UNESCO World Heritage status of Yakushima Island, the primeval subtropical Kinsakubaru Virgin Forest and centuries old traditional process of making Oshima Tsumugi silk on Amami Oshima and the beauty and history of the ‘Hawaii of Japan’ Okinawa Island.

In Taiwan we will experience the delights of its dynamic capital Keelung including its iconic street food and world-famous surreal landscape of honeycomb and mushroom eroded rock formations at Yehliu Geopark, while at Hualien 19-kilometre-long canyon Taroko National Park and Marble Gorge with its spectacular 300 feet high marble walls await exploration.

The picturesque island of Batan welcomes us to the Philippines, where the tiny outpost’s bucolic beauty hides a harrowing WWII history, while fans of architecture and history will delight in the Spanish-influenced UNESCO city of Vigan, location of the famous hand-crafted Burnay jars. Enjoy our last day exploring both above and below the water of the paradise that is Hundred Islands National Park.

Join us for the ultimate expedition cruise of Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines' subtropical islands as we visit remote, idyllic isles and islands on this unforgettable adventure


Price information

US $9475 excluding flights
Includes: landing fees, pre/post cruise transfers, one night hotel accommodation (incl.
dinner/breakfast), house beer, wine and soft drinks with lunch and dinner, and all shore excursions and activities with noted naturalists on board.
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Wilderness areas are virtually unmodified from their natural state by human interference. They’re where wildlife – including large predators – roams f...
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


During our long involvement in visiting remote islands (over 35 years) we have been instrumental in developing responsible visitor guidelines, and we are aware of the need to travel with minimal impact on the natural environment, and educate and support our passengers to follow our lead, and respect the needs of different ecosystems.

Many issues confront animals and their habitats, the world's oceans and isolated ethnic groups. We share unique, pristine, and wild place with you, as well as taking action. We aim to provide eco-education for our passengers whilst onboard through on-board lectures and information throughout voyages.

All waste generated on our expeditions is disposed of in a responsible manner. The vessel complies with MARPOL where possible and allowable we practice recycling, otherwise all non-recyclable waste is brought back for disposal at approved sites.

Our goal in managing our vessel is to minimise fuel consumption and emissions with regular servicing and a proactive maintenance programme. We annually clean and antifoul our vessel's hull to reduce the risk of biofouling. When selecting our specialist expedition equipment, we research this carefully to ensure that they are the most suitable and environmentally responsible. Group sizes are kept small to minimize impact and enhance visitor experience.


During our Asian voyages we visit local historic sites, Wildlife Management Areas, and use local guides, such as wildlife and dive guides, wherever possible to support the local knowledge-base and economy. During this voyage we will visit and support Japan's ecologically important Yakushima Island (home to endemic flora and fauna and important nesting site for endangered Loggerhead and Green Turtles), the island of Amami Oshima location of Japan's second largest wetland and Nature Observation Park, Taiwan's Taroko National Park, the Philippines Hundred Islands National Park and more. We allow time for passengers to explore local markets, and visit local artists, artisans craftspeople and assist in sustaining their craft and traditions, as well as create a money flow. We provide opportunities for passengers to meet with remote and isolated locals and learn about their unique culture and life in remote areas, and encourage respect of local customs and traditions. Where required and able we aim to use local resources and services.

Throughout our voyages scientific research is incorporated, both through the logistical support of research projects and as an integral part of our voyages, and conservation programs are supported with funds, advocacy and logistical assistance.

We are a Birdlife International Species Champion and regularly welcome scientists on board. Through our True Young Explorer Scholarships we enable young scientists, conservationists, educators, authors and artists to travel and experience wild places otherwise off limits. We choose to travel in small groups, maintain industry leading staff to guest ratios ensuring we operate in the most environmentally responsible manner while maximising the opportunities for education and advocacy both ashore and aboard.

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