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“Very reasonably priced 14 day, tailor made vacation but with lots of luxurious touches. With itineraries created by Rajput family dedicated to fine arts, culture and history.”


Delhi | Taj Mahal and Agra | Bassi | Jaipur | Ranthambhore National Park (not in monsoon season) | Udaipur | Bundi | Holy City of Pushkar
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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements
Our top tip:
Most travelers come in winter when temperatures can really dip. So pack a sweater and socks.
Trip type:
Tailor made.
Solo travelers welcome. Surcharge for own room.
Luxury heritage properties and luxury camping.
Accommodation, breakfasts, specialist guides, activities, breakfasts, meals on safari, all transport including 1st class train.
Budget £5 for good quality lunch and £7-10 for dinner.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Rajasthan luxury tours


We supply sustainable firewood to the village that borders the wildlife sanctuary so villagers will not have to take wood from inside the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary guards are all local villagers. We also have a cleanup program in place to keep the village and Sanctuary area clean from all plastics and glass. Our bungalows, furniture, and tableware are handmade from local artisans out of natural materials. Meetings with local village elders take place to ensure the protection of the Sanctuary and the needs of the villagers are met, such as how the village animals can feed in certain parts of the forest without disrupting the ecosystem but at the same time without harming the villagers own needs. After arrival during drinks the first evening guests are informed of local customs, deities and their meanings, and the history of the area and why and how it came to be protected by us.

Each bungalow has running water which is recycled into the Sanctuary as no harmful detergents or soaps are allowed (Soap used is made of 53 different 100% pure floral and plant essences). Sanitation is also allowed to become harmless waste over a period of time and then removed in the Sanctuary so the water can be re-used. No electricity methods are used and no direct electrical connections enter our Sanctuary. All light is by sustainable oil lamps. We also have a cleanup program in place to keep the village and Sanctuary area clean from all plastics and glass. A re-forestation program of our own is in place and 2000 plus indigenous trees and plants have been planted to date with more added in August 2007. We have stopped poaching completely inside our Sanctuary which is monitored by us. A water hole was created so animals have access to oxygen rich, fluoride rich, clean water throughout the year with all levels of water present so bees to leopards can drink easily. This water is flushed out and re-placed when needed and used in the re-forestation area. All fertilizer used in the re-forestation area is organic from jungle sources.

On arrival in some destinations guests will be transported by horse drawn carriage so no fossil fuel is used. Tours where transportation is exclusively by train and horse carriage are available. We help protect two wildlife sanctuaries with a strong eco friendly policy, implantation and financing. Guests who opt to include these properties in their tour will contribute to the protection of these eco-systems as forty percent of the revenue generated by guests is used for re-forestation, wildlife monitoring and environment protection.


We use only local guides, naturalists, trackers, and staff. These members of our team have been trained by us in Rajasthanís History, Rajasthanís Fine Arts, Rajasthanís Wildlife and Eco-Practices and receive salaries double the national average in the tourism industry. Our belief is to make less profit so local people and their families can benefit by these higher salaries and the opportunities this opens to them. All accommodations are privately owned Cultural Heritage Properties that have been partially open to guests that employ local staff.

Specific benefits to the community, on each destination we bring clients to areas that receive no travelers and are economically down and previously had few job options for locals who are now working with us. In one jungle, the smallest wildcat, and one of the rarest, found in the world, the Rusty Spotted Cat, is present. The only local researcher for these cats has received previously minimal financing for study of this cat from abroad but it is not enough to continue the protection and survival of the Rusty Spotted Cat found there and the funds from travelers who would opt to include this jungle would directly finance the study and continued protection of these cats as well as providing a few jobs to locals there. Part of the money we receive from guests has and will be used for wildlife research and publications of the findings on the endangered species of these jungles. Our research has focused on prey species and their survival, the health and movement patterns of these species, and finding ways to implement and increase their habitat so these jungle eco-systems remain perfectly self sustainable.

We have in most of the destinations unique artisans that make handmade and dieing endangered fine and decorative arts and processes that we personally patronize and finance for their survival. We are heavily involved in the preservation of the Rajasthan fine arts and their artisans. By introducing clients to these individual artisans and their media, in these off the beaten track areas, we hope awareness will come of the importance of these arts, their processes, and they and their families would benefit with the possibility of more patrons and awareness.

23 Reviews of Rajasthan luxury tours

4.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 14 Apr 2018 by

Remarkable - This was a wonderful vacation - The itinerary put together by Shanane gave us everything we wanted and more!! Read full review

Reviewed on 01 Mar 2018 by

We had the most marvellous vacation ever, as everything had been superbly and seamlessly put in place by our tour organiser. Everything about the trip was exciting and memorable, because it was so different from Europe in every possible way. Of course, the Taj Mahal was a highlight, but so were the Aravelli hills, the city of Bikaner... Read full review

Reviewed on 22 Feb 2018 by

The safari to Koeladeo National Park was the most memorable moment. One of the best vacations we have ever been on. Read full review

Reviewed on 20 Jan 2018 by

Many memorable moments. The sheer sensory overload of Delhi. The magnificent architecture of the forts and of course the Taj Mahal. The streets teeming with life Read full review

Reviewed on 03 Sep 2017 by

The highlight was having a huge range of experiences- some planned, some not. Talking with different Indians. Read full review

Reviewed on 09 Apr 2017 by

There were so many memorable moments it was brilliant. Seeing tigers and leopards, staying in the most amazing room at Nadine's Haveli, traveling on the sleeper train visiting the elephants at Jaipur, the holi festival in Jaipur, the living fort at Jaisalmer, the camel ride, meeting so many lovely friendly and helpful people. Read full review

Reviewed on 22 Mar 2017 by

Very hard to choose from so many truly wonderful and diverse experiences. Generally, we'd say the unexpected opportunity to meet - and to spend some real quality time getting to know and learning from - a variety of local individuals was especially gratifying. Truly outstanding and quite unusual. Stimulating, challenging, and fun. Extensive opportunities to explore an incredible variety of stunning historical and cultural sites. Read full review

Reviewed on 14 Mar 2017 by

Great moment: Sitting in a rooftop cafe with a view of the Taj Mahal, hearing the call to prayer from lots of mosques competing with each other, and having our beer stolen by a monkey Read full review

Reviewed on 18 Feb 2017 by

The most memorable was meeting the people. They are very warm and inviting. The architecture is stunning. Read full review

Reviewed on 22 Nov 2016 by

Everything was exciting. I loved riding an elephant solo in a cruelty free environment, no seat just a blanket. The boat ride at dawn on the Ganges... A real rollercoaster of emotions, a life changing adventure, I loved it all. Read full review

Reviewed on 07 Nov 2016 by

Exciting, thought provoking, mind-blowing, all in one! We met so many wonderful, warm people at every stage. The quality of our guides was also first class. Read full review

Reviewed on 08 May 2016 by

The welcome is exceptional and the encounters and experiences are life enhancing. Read full review

Reviewed on 21 Apr 2016 by

Excellent. We had wonderful hosts, good guides and great value. We will no doubt use them again for other trips and endeavours. Read full review

Reviewed on 13 Mar 2016 by

Our trip had an incredibly personal and intimate feel throughout-an experience that could never be matched by a packaged tour. Read full review

Reviewed on 14 May 2015 by

Be prepared to be 'blown away'. The owners are fully involved in conservation - they have their own reserve which has been highly successful in increasing the numbers of an endangered cat species. If you want to see a fascinating part of India and stay in some fascinating places, this is the trip for you. My friend and I absolutely loved it. Read full review

Reviewed on 12 Nov 2014 by

Every moment was memorable and there was such a diversity of places to stay and things to do that every day was exciting. Read full review

Reviewed on 27 Mar 2012 by

The most memorable part of the vacation were the vivid colours, the clothing of the women it is just a sea of fantastic colours everywhere you look, the brightly coloured turbans of the men. The fantastic people so friendly and welcoming, the culture and food. Read full review

Reviewed on 17 Nov 2012 by

Riding Marwari horses, madcap rides in a Jeep to track leopards & sightings of rare cats...An excellent insight into rural Rajasthan! Read full review

Reviewed on 26 Jan 2012 by

What made the vacation extra special was the outstanding quality of the guiding - more like traveling companionship - by Ravindra. His knowledge, intellect, humor, honesty and pride in his culture brought it alive in a compelling way. Read full review

Reviewed on 24 Jan 2012 by

The most memorable parts were the bustle of the towns, the mixture of people, traffic, animals and colours. We enjoyed our visits to the Amber Fort in Jaipur, the Meherhangarh Fort in Jodhpur and the City Palace in Udaipur. Read full review

Reviewed on 27 Oct 2011 by

The most memorable part was the time spent in rural India. Seeing the farmers go about their everyday work, watching the simple aspects of village life and being totally away from the madding crowd was wonderful. Read full review

Reviewed on 21 Nov 2010 by

We thoroughly enjoyed our two weeks... The knowledge and hospitality of the tour leaders, Suraj and Ravindra, made this a particularly memorable trip - by the end, we really felt more like we were with friends than on a 'tour'. Read full review

Reviewed on 06 Oct 2009 by

The vacation was excellent. Shanane, Suraj and Ravi could not have done more to ensure that we were enjoying ourselves. We felt amongst friends. Read full review

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