Wilderness riding vacation in Montenegro

1550 excluding flights
8 Days
Small group
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6 full days of riding; full-board accommodation , packed lunch for rides English-speaking trail leader Person and luggage transfers Airport transfer from Podgorica
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Description of Wilderness riding vacation in Montenegro

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1550 excluding flights
6 full days of riding; full-board accommodation , packed lunch for rides English-speaking trail leader Person and luggage transfers Airport transfer from Podgorica
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


This trip contributes to sustaining the value of the special mountain horse breed "Brdsko konj" found at Durmitor area, which is threatened to diminish from every day farm life.

Most of our tours include the five National parks of Montenegro. Each of them features unique environments and rich ecological values, which require corresponding attitude from visitors. Lake Skadar, the biggest lake at the Balkan peninsula features a very rich bird fauna. In our multi-activity and family tours we offer bird watching with kayaks. These tours are guided by bird protection activists, who are supported by our programms.

We avoid using off-road jeep transfers, since some areas do have a very fragile soil surface. Anyhow we believe in the first line that our feet can take us everywhere. In order to avoid empty transfer kilometers we cooperate with transport providers, who are closest to a starting or pick up point of our tours. We include public transport in our tours where applicable. Eg. transfer by train form the coastline to the north of Montenegro saves 115km on the road.

In general we use almost no printed marketing material. To present our company and products we use tablets. The design works for our website is done by local creatives.

We encourage our guests to use re-fillable waterbottles, since tap water is drinkable in Montenegro.

Furthermore experiencing a simple shepards lifestyle, makes one aware of the precious ressource of water, which is especially scarce in the highplateau. To experience how it is valued by the locals is an impressive learning point.

One of the overnight places is supplied with solar energy. By by consuming local home made dishes you avoid waste caused by packaging.

In terms of transport we almost move 6 days by horse power only! Great slow pace and no CO2 emissions!


Engaging local guides and families in organizing this riding vacation contributes to disperse tourism income in the North of Montenegro. During the preparations for this vacation we found a family eager to start together with us offering riding tours. They spread the word that we are looking to rent horses in their local community. So far together with them we succeeded to get awareness for this potential souce of income.

By including many local people on our tours we hope to build a bridge between visitors and locals and create better understanding for all day life challenges in Montenegro. Even when there is most of the time a huge language barrier, both sides enjoy the direct interaction.

We highly value the knowledge and work of our business partners, who most all are considered as friends. Our local guides usually recruit from the Northern parts of Montenegro, since this part of the country provides little opportunities for employment.

An integral part of real understanding and enjoyment of a region or country is eating the local food. This ensures that the local producers see how valuable their produce is, in terms of keeping farming traditions alive, which on one side ensures a maintained landscape, and on the other side the base for rural tourism. We encourage our guests to buy local produce for souvenirs eg. home made Rakija (spirit), honey products, artisan wines, olive oil products, etc.

We cooperate with farmer communities, who noticed that providing an insight to their daily life up in the mountains delivers a special experience for guests. In return this interest in their lifestyle and the generated additional income contributes to allowing people to stay up in the mountains producing traditional dairy products and maintaining their communities.

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