Virgin Islands vegan cruise vacation

“Cruise the Virgin Islands on a private 16m yacht, serving purely vegan food the perfect seven-day romantic getaway for a healthy couple.”


Jost Van Dyke | White Bay | Tortola | anchor at Sandy Cay for nature trail hike | Guana Island | Virgin Gorda | Leverick Bay | the Bitter End and Saba Rock | Anegada | the Baths | Norman Island | Waterlemon Cay in Leinster Bay | St Thomas

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Virgin Islands vegan cruise vacation


Fresh water is a precious commodity, and especially so in the Virgin Islands, which is a semi-desert environment. We savor every drop of water that we have, and practice water conservation in all our activities. Showering is done with special hand held shower heads that allow use of only what is needed. Dishwashing is done using basins to conserve water. Toilets are flushed with salt water only. Our vessel is equipped with a state of the art water maker that has the capability of using wind and solar energy to power the water maker. Use of solar and wind energy are renewable energy sources that reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Our commitment to saving the planet is manifested in all that we do. Traveling around the islands using the wind energy for our sails is quiet, clean, economical, and fun. Living and traveling on a sailboat is one of the most environmental sustaining efforts that can be done This is what we do.


Traveling amongst the Virgin Islands, we have the greatest respect for our West Indian brothers and sisters, whose ancestors were first brought here from Africa in the slave trade. These are now their islands, and we are grateful. We support local craft makers and artisans, and guests are encouraged to buy local products and attend local festivals. Captain Dave is a founding member of the Virgin Islands Philharmonic Orchestra (first clarinet). Simple things, such as saying "good day" when boarding one of the many safari transportation buses, assures a warm local response. Attending to local dress codes is emphasized, particularly when walking through a village or township. Referring guests to needed services provided by our local brothers and sisters, whether for diving, shopping, or health and wellness issues, is fundamental to our operation. Taking guests to such places as the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society gives guests the opportunity to experience community projects and contribute if they like.

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Virgin Islands cruise vacation

Virgin Islands cruise vacation

Romantic Virgin Islands sailing vacation for 1 loving couple

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