Active Masai vacation, Kenya

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Active Masai vacation, Kenya


Our organization is environment cautious as we know tourism largely depends on it and so is the success of our business. We therefore advice our guests to try as much as possible to minimize wastage of water especially at our camp. We do not have running water at the camp but it is fetched daily using donkeys. We have also designed our toilets in way that they do not need flashing to minimize wastage as flashing toilets consume a lot of water. There is no electricity too and solar energy is used for lighting and charging of cameras and phones. The daily activities that our guests engage in during their stay at our camp is either on foot or bicycle but no vehicle is used.

At the Maasai Mara Reserve there is compulsory entry fees paid per head per day which is a direct source of revenue for the Kenya Wildlife Service. This revenue is used for the management and conservation of wildlife in Kenya.

Our company is an active member of various organization such as The East African Wildlife Society, East African Whale Shark Trust, The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Colobus Trust just to name a few. These organizations are in the fore front in the conservation of wildlife and environment at large.


Among the activities at our camp is the school visit in cases where the schools are in session. We encourage our guests to visit and donate playing materials, books and other stationeries to help these schools which are in poor condition. We also organize village visits for our guests so that they can get an insight to the lifestyle of this community and also interact with the local people for better understanding.

We built and also renovated our camp using local material and local work force from the community surrounding our camp. We also strictly employ staff from the local community within where our business is operating in.

We promote the local businesses such as the women project at Mwaluganje by buying the papers these women make from elephant dung and use them in our offices. The food stuff and other things that we use at the camp are bought from local enterprises too.

Our employees have good working conditions and also go for workshops and other trainings so as to better their knowledge and skills in their specific areas of employment.

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