Mount Arthur Tablelands trek, New Zealand

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Mount Arthur Tablelands trek, New Zealand

New Zealand's indigenous bird life has been ravished by introduced predators. NZ was once a mammal free country. Birds evolved without fear of ground based predators. Introduced stoats, rats, ferrets, cats etc have decimated NZ's unique birdlife. The Flora catchment on the slopes of Mount Arthur once had an abundance of birdlife, including the rare Blue Duck, one of the worlds few torrent ducks. Many other species still exist in small numbers.

'FRIENDS OF FLORA' is a conservation project instigated by us. This volunteer project involves monitoring bird numbers and setting and monitoring predator trap lines along the Flora stream. The object being to return the bird numbers in the Flora catchment to the numbers they once were. The operating procedures of the project can be shown to day trippers by our guides.

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