Vietnam vacation, caving in Quang Binh

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Vietnam vacation, caving in Quang Binh


As a professional eco-tour operator, protecting the environment and ecology is our prime commitment. Our guides are well trained and can make suggestions that help travelers minimize any damage to environment or ecosystem. We understand the importance of energy and strive to reduce our use of fossil fuel. We also use recycled materials for every kayaking trip e.g. replacing plastic water bottles with glass ones.

We have made a commitment to constantly give the best service to travelers, in a professional way, to help develop the local tourist industry, which is an essential part of Vietnam's economic development.

We promise never ever to encourage the traveler to hunt or buy the natural animal and valuable plantation that is selling by the local people. We are encourage the travelers to come back as the free volunteers to be the English teacher, researchers or technicians.

We promise to use renewable energy on all our trips and we avoid using low-tech and fuel inefficient vehicles that might cause the health problems for the local community.


The Sea Canoe Vietnam are the only franchise partner of John Gray Sea Canoe in Vietnam promises and as such we commit to supporting the environment and the community with our best efforts.

60% of Vietnamese population are the farmers and living in the countryside where they are blind sided by the high level education system and health care services.

On every trip, we enable travelers to connect with the local community or people, helping to generate income for them and open the pathways to better education.

By operating the trip in the remote side and village like in the floating village in Halong Bay, travelers are able to buy handy crafts souvenirs from the villagers as well as staying and eating in their restaurants. Villagers also have the opportunity to be a local guide. We have also found that it encourages children to understand the needed for reading, writing or learning a foreign language.

By sharing books and newspaper to the village, the villagers will get more information from the outside which can help inform them on critical issues such as child labour, hunting wild animals or burning the forests to make way for buildings.

We know and understand our community and people of Halong bay. Our kayaking guide is local and we use local restaurants, boats, porters and transport. We support local victims of typhoons and hurricanes with financial donations.

Considering the traveler as an important social link between different peoples and cultures, our aim is to help give a better understanding of the history and social/cultural life of Vietnamese people. However, we also recognise the importance of maintaining the culture and customs of Vietnam.

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