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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Nepal trekking & homestay vacation


The home stay trek is targeted in such a way that we always maintain the environment policies. It provides a unique opportunity to live and work in remote Nepal. In this trip, an individual gets a chance to make a contribution for the sustainable development of Nepal especially in Gorkha.
Before any troops come to be the part of this trek it is clarified about the impacts on the environment and the change one can bring on it.
Rather than using the mineral water bottle, the boiled water from the local taps and stream of the village are encouraged to use. This will also help to control the use of unnecessary plastic bottles.
The roads in the village are not smooth and graveled therefore they are encouraged to walk and use light mode of transportation like cycle and rickshaw which can be very beneficial in controlling the air pollution too.
One should also be aware about littering here and there and should be careful about using the proper place for it. Recycling and reusing the items can help to protect the environment.
As the village people are completely unaware about the growing technologies one can teach and guide them about the use and advancement of the technologies. They can teach the ideas of farming in new method, plantation and gardening in the open barren land which can contribute a lot to sustain the clean and healthy environment of the village.


Homestay trek is primarily designed to bring forth coordinated efforts of all the experts and interested individuals in different areas under one platform and thereon work towards achieving its common goal and mission. It provides a unique opportunity to live and work in remote Nepal. In this trip, an individual gets a chance to make a contribution for the sustainable development of Nepal especially in Gorkha.

Nepal is culturally rich and in the pre-monsoon seasons, there will be multiple festivals held in the village and in the markets. These rituals are very lively, colorful and involve a lot of folk dancing and singing. There will be plenty to do in the village to experience a new way of life in this secluded region.

From the beginning of welcoming to the stay of the clients, one can have the best experience of the local lifestyle of typical village. The food they eat would be completely prepared by the local villagers itself. They can hike or trek during the free time in the different area of the villages. They can see and purchase the different crafts; hand weaved products and many more. The amount spent by the clients can automatically help in the economic source of the village.
During your stay in the village the money you have paid for the trip will go to the host family for providing food and accommodation, which directly helps them grow economically. This home stay trek is cheap but unique in comparison to other trekking trips in Nepal and the outcome is that the money really goes to the local people of the villages.

Therefore getting involved into such trips can provide the great chance to the growth of the community and its people.

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