Honeymoon in China, Beijing and Guilin

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Honeymoon in China, Beijing and Guilin


We are highly aware of the importance of protecting the environment, which is evident in the Guidebook we offer for our customers. In the Guidebook, we highlight the heads-up for travelers to protect the environment, respect the local customs, culture and historic relics whilst exploring China. You will find some interesting customs while traveling in the Minority village. We never try bringing down our cost for the tour by using anything unrecyclable. Our company also encourages staff to reduce the use of the fax machine, for example by using our email fax viewer, and to reuse printout paper. As we know, reducing use of paper reduces the felling of trees. In this tour, customers will visit many old buildings in Beijing, such as the Forbidden City, The Great Wall etc. At the meantime, travelers can also understand how Chinese people are protecting our own country in history-wise, culture-wise and natural-environment-wise. We always keep small private groups , as small group tour can reduces the impact of tourism on the environment, e.g. no noise pollution from loud hailers, and smaller vehicles mean less damage to roads.


We are proud to say that yearly we make great contribution to the local community by stimulating the economics, optimizing and leading the tourism, offering the local people numerous job opportunities. We employ local guides to make you get the most out of your traveling, and pay a better salaries (including to tour guides and supplier agencies in other cities) than other Chinese operators. We also use only local restaurants that meet our standards, which are clean, fresh and reasonably-priced. This creates numerous job opportunities for the locals and support the local economic development as well. However, we didnít arrange any shop in the tour. There is absolutely no pressure to buy! We always dedicated ourselves to charity since its foundation by donating a sum of money to the local charity institutions to help the elders and the orphans every year. We are currently sponsoring 14 disabled orphans, and looking for a warm family to adopt those children. Feel free to contact us if you have any ideal.

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