Thailand vacation on a shoestring

“This eight day small group trip is a great budget introduction to Thailand. Explore Buddhist temples, stay on Koh Phangan Island, enjoy a traditional massage and sleep in a floating bungalow. A perfect way to start your travels.”


Bangkok | Khao San Road | Chao Phraya river cruise | Wat Arun | Wat Pho | Traditional Thai massage | Overnight train to Surat Thai | Khao Sok National Park | Longtail boat cruise | Floating bungalows | Ferry to Koh Phangan | Bottle Beach | Waterfall trekking | Muay Thai boxing lesson |

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Thailand vacation on a shoestring


How our company is making a difference:
We know that making the positive difference we aim to achieve will not be an easy task. However, our enthusiasm and commitment towards our travel responsibility mission is far stronger than any obstacles. We believe that in order to achieve any objective, the company has to have accurate policies and procedures for the employees and the guests to follow in order to reach our goal.

We have decided that the environment is a major component of any local community and any negative effect on the environment would directly have an impact on the lives of the inhabitants of the local community. Therefore, we have drawn up a strict environmental protection policy that all our employees and travelers have to abide by. For example, we recycle empty ink cartridges. A company collects them and disposes of them the correct manner.

In this tour, you will encounter some animals. As a form of responsible tourism, we don't encourage touching or feeding of wild animals. Although some of these animals may seem accustomed to humans, they are still wild animals and should never be tempted by food or activities. In Thailand there are people who will encourage riding elephants, but we do not take part in this any longer due to following strict animal anti cruelty viewpoints.

Deforestation is one of the major concerns that Thailand faces in terms of the eco life and environment. We encourage our travelers not to smoke while in the forests. Forest fires can start at any time and with the windy conditions of the country, the smallest fire can spread in a matter of minutes and destroy large areas of forest and plant life.

For us, Responsible Travel is the only way to travel.


Throughout our long tourism business journey, exceeding 15 years of travel operation in the Middle East, we have succeeded in establishing strong links with the communities we are dealing with in the host destinations.

We believe that the Responsible Travel concept has to be a two-way strategy with both the travelers and the local community gaining benefits. We benefit the local communities we visit using a wide scope of activities that have a positive impact on the local economy, directly by donating money to charity organizations, financially supporting some local communities and by recruiting employees who belonging to the local community. We encourage our guests to buy local products and make use of services that people local community offer. We help indirectly through capacity building projects we implement with our employees and through the experiences and culture exchanges that take place between the locals and the travelers during our tours.

We promise to support the local community of every destination we take our travelers to. We will do this by employing local guides, using local handicraft shops and recommend shops to our travelers so that their vacation spending contributes to the people of that country. Furthermore, we provide each traveler with a tipping guide. By doing this we set a concept of tipping and gratuity for every person who will offer a form of service to the traveler.

Tour guides are nationals of the country and they are contracted to lead the tours from start to finish.

We have also considered the social aspect of the local community and how to respect the customs and traditions of the inhabitants helping us operate our tours. We always provide our guests with all the information needed to understand the community they are visiting and we create valuable opportunities for the travelers and the locals to mingle and exchange ideas and thoughts.

The first objective is to operate our tours in the most perfect way possible. Our second objective, but not second in importance, is to benefit the local community, protect the environment, and have a positive social impact on the inhabitants living in our host destinations. One of the ways of doing this is to inform and educate our travelers on the cultures of the destinations. By doing this we aim to create a form of respect between the travelers and the local citizens who they will face along their tour.

We educate all our staff on the real life situations of each destination. Sales consultants will use this information to inform potential travelers of the correct information and threats that they may face. By creating long lasting relationships with our local ground handlers, we are able to establish what needs the community has and through their information we can inform our travelers what they can contribute to the local community from their home countries.

Thailand is still recovering for the years of Tsunami and flooding. We aim to be a middle man between our travelers and organizations that take donations for the repair and restoration of Thai beaches. Also, the Thai children are not mostly not going to be receiving tertiary education. We aim to seek and support charities that provide such opportunities to gifted children. We don't recommend to hand children money, but definitely that our travelers should support these charities in the form of donations.

1 Reviews of Thailand vacation on a shoestring

4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 03 Apr 2018 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

Staying at Bottle beach on Koh Phanghan island.

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

Be self contained so when the youngies go off drinking you still have a great time.

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

It seems in Thailand tourists are big consumers and there doesn't seem to be any recycling. Also lots of people drinking using paper cups, straws and plastic bags handed out with every purchase in the numerous 7/11 shops all over Thailand and not much awareness about it all. Made me sad I did have conversations with people about it though.

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

It was a great trip for me. One place we stayed at on the trip i did not especially like, Hadrin - where they have the huge full moon parties every month - Crazy
excessive tourist consumerism huge cocktails and kind of mindless

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