Veneto and Slovenia vacation: Food & culture

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Veneto and Slovenia vacation: Food & culture


By being members of Slow Food, we are helping to give a voice and visibility to the small-scale farmers and food artisans in this corner of Europe whose approach to food production protects the environment and communities. This tour offers those already interested in Slow Food principles (some of whom are attending the Terra Madre convention) an educational yet fun experience and an opportunity to learn more about imporant issues (organic food, sustainable tourism, bio-dynamic agriculture).

The food served at farmhouses and restaurants on this tour offer home grown and fresh ingredients, sourcing their food from their own farms or local farms. Guests can be assured that the food they find on the dining table is not being trucked in or flown in from far away. These food producers raise animals that are free of antibiotics and added hormones and many of the food producers are also certified organic. Many of the wineries featured on their tour produce bio-dynamic wines which do not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the wine-making process.

To reduce the amount of driving we use a hub-and-spoke approach. Guests stay in fewer lodging locations that become their 'base' as we run many day trips that are all close by to the base. This means less driving, less emissions and more time everyday spent with local businesses and not sitting in cars. Being in one place for longer than a day helps our guests get to know the regional communities better. We only use modern diesel vehicles that energy efficient and comply to the strict standards of European Union.

All of our invoices, travel information and travel documents to our clients are issued as PDF - not printed on paper. The majority of our brochures are disseminated via PDF downloads and emails rather than printed on paper. In our office we operate mainly with computers. We use emails rather than fax and do print documents but store them on our computers and in online clouds.


We are proud members of Slow Food USA and Slow Food UK. Our company is part of the Slow Food UK Supporters Scheme to help promote Slovenia as an authentic travel & culinary destination and to put those members of slow food in touch with like-minded individuals during their travels.

We offer our travelers small family-owned hotels, pensions/B&B's to stay in. Overnight in these locally owned lodgings enhances the visitors’ experience, since they get an opportunity to be welcomed by a local host and receive a better insight into the everyday life of local people. It also puts guests in touch with people they would normally not come across while traveling in large cities or without knowing the local roads. We communicate directly to these suppliers so there is no middle man who would get most of the money. Instead, the majority of money generated on our tours goes into the pockets of small wineries, shops, farmhouses and other locally operated businesses.

All of the meals included in our tours are at locally owned and operated restaurants, farmhouses and pensions. In this way our clients have an opportunity to taste some of the typical specialties of the region and at the same time help the local economy. Most of the food served at these places are from the owner's land, though a few items are supplemented from other local farmers and food producers in the region.

Many of the wines and food specialties on our tour (such as pumpkin oil, schnapps or goat cheese) are not available anywhere outside of these countries. Some of these items are not even available in local shops, only at the home of the winemakers and food producers. This gives our guests a real unique chance to try something that they could never purchase at home, help put some money into the local economy and give good word of mouth to these businesses, which is key to their sustainability.

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