Mongolia tailor made vacation

“An absolute must for nature lovers interested in hiking, history and finding out more about the people, wildlife and volcanic landscapes of Mongolia.”


Lake Khuvsgul | Hike to Tuvkhon Monastery | Orkhon Valley | Overnight in ger camps | Tsenkher hot springs | Hike to the top of Khorgo Volcano | Terelj National Park | Hike to Turtle Rock

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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements
Our top tip:
When hiking in Mongolia, particularly in the national parks, it's really important to keep to existing tracks so as not to disturb the often fragile natural habitat.
Trip type:
Tailor made. Based on at least two sharing.
Activity level:
Moderate. Hikes, scenic drives and hot springs.
2 nights in hotels and the rest in ger camps.
Accommodation, listed activities, transport, including internal flight.
All meals included. Expect plenty of mutton with everything.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Mongolia tailor made vacation


Mongolia is well known for its wide open spaces and stunning landscapes, but it has a fragile environment that is easy to spoil. We take great care to ensure that we do not degrade the pristine lands that we travel through. This tour includes time in a number of protected environments and natural reserves which are particularly vulnerable, and so we ensure that we stay on tracks (where they exist) when we drive rather than making new trails. This also applies to any hiking - we stick to existing footpaths so as not to disturb the flora.

We stay for much of the time in ger camps and work with our local partners to ensure that they follow responsible practices. These include water conservation and cooking with gas rather than depleting the already scarce trees in some areas. This also includes working with the camps to ensure that waste is disposed of in a responsible manner.

All accompanying staff are fully trained in methods to minimise the effect of a trip's presence upon the environment.

We work with local partners who are as committed to responsible travel as we are. In Mongolia our local team is highly involved in different educational projects led by the World Wildlife Fund, The World Bank and local National Park authorities. Through these projects local people are educated about how to benefit from the tourism industry while understanding how to prioritize and integrate the conservation of environmental and cultural assets into their local development plans.

All of the guides that we use in Mongolia are volunteers with the World Wildlife Fund.


With one of the world’s last great horse-based nomadic cultures, Mongolia’s uniqueness has endured through the centuries largely because of the country’s remoteness and isolation. Due to rapid development and ongoing exploitation of her natural and cultural resources, Mongolia’s traditional nomadic way of life is continually being impacted in negative ways. In conjunction with our local team in Mongolia we strive to ensure that tourism is a positive force and that the communities visited gain from the presence of travelers.

While we seek ways to develop local communities and improve the living conditions of rural people we are always conscious of the impact this might have on the traditional way of life of nomads. We support local development that leaves communities better off but as authentic and unique as we found them, by contributing to the adoption of appropriate modern practices and technologies that do not clash with old customs and traditions.

We ensure that our trips are designed to involve local communities, and that we purchase products and services for our guests from local people as much as possible, including accommodation, food, renting horses and camels, and hiring local guides.

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