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“Create your own adventure amongst the cloud forests and coastline of Panama. Short return flights to Bocas del Toro islands turn this two week trip into a tasty Caribbean cocktail.”


Panama City | Finca Guayabo farm stay | Santa Clara beach | El Cope National Park | Bocas del Toro | Caribbean cooking lesson | Boquete | San Blas Islands | Panama Canal | Optional activities include: jungle hikes, island tours by bike, dolphin watching by boat, river rafting and snorkelling |

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Panama tailor made vacations


On this tour you will spend a couple of nights in the charming Finca el Guayabo, a local farmstay located near the town of Anton. As well as farmland, the accommodation has set aside a certain proportion of its land for wildlife, with mangrove forests providing a habitat for numerous species such as herons, parrots and raptors.

Meals are prepared using ingredients grown on the farm and in the kitchen garden, and the owners practice farming methods which are sensitive to the environment, minimising the use of any chemicals.


This tour uses local guides and locally owned accommodation to ensure that as much money as possible is channelled back to the communities that you are traveling through.

Towards the end of this trip you will visit and stay in the San Blas Islands, an autonomous region for the Guna Yala Indians. The Guna Yala have their own laws and pay no taxes to the Panamanian government, living traditional lives where modernity has made few inroads. The Guna Yala follow fairly conservative customs and we ensure that all guests are dressed about appropriate behaviour here - for example immodest dress and excessive alcohol consumption is very much frowned upon and seen as an insult to the host community.

There is a fee payable for visiting these islands, which goes directly to the community and helps them to maintain their unique way of life without relying on external support, which could lead to their traditions becoming eroded. Similarly, any local excursions here are operated directly by the Guna Yala, who are this able to give visitors an insight into their customs.

On all of our trips we encourage our travelers to eat in local restaurants and for this reason most meals on this trip are left to the choice of the traveler rather than being included at the hotel, helping to ensure that the benefits are spread a little more evenly. Similarly we also encourage travelers to buy locally produced, rather than mass produced goods and give detailed guidelines in our pre-departure information about how to ensure they can travel as responsibly as possible.

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