Exciting family vacation in Egypt, for all ages

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Exciting family vacation in Egypt, for all ages


Our tours in Egypt are run in conjunction with a local partner who shares our environmental goals and commitment to operate in a responsible manner.

There are fragile eco-systems in Egypt and our guides and drivers provide advice on how to behave to ensure that any negative impact is prevented. For example, on our overnight felucca stay our guide will advise families on how to best minimise impact on the place where we stop. We also ensure that all waste is taken away with us when we leave (except in the case of toilet paper, which we advise clients to burn safely, ensuring that none remains).

Transport where possible is as low carbon as possible - from the overnight train from Cairo to Aswan, to sailing boats and even donkeys!

Our UK office is run as environmentally as possible. The majority of our staff either walk or cycle to work and we operate a primarily paper free environment. We do not produce brochures (which often leads to a lot of waste) but market our tours exclusively on the internet.


All of our tours in Egypt use local guides which is very important as it not only ensures that travelers are given a unique insight into the way of life and culture in Egypt but also ensures that tourist revenue is retained locally.

Whenever it is possible, we also try to use small locally-owned and family run hotels. These hotels not only provide a better experience for families but also tend to employ from the surrounding villages, ensuring that money is retained locally and spread throughout the area.

Where possible, hotels are selected that have been built and furnished using locally sourced materials.

As Egypt is a Muslim country it is important that correct advice is given on how to dress; our pre-tour literature covers this in detail, ensuring that travelers (particularly women) know what is appropriate. We also give advice on how to behave during Ramadan (if applicable given the time of year of travel).

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