Iban longhouse experience in Sarawak, Malaysia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Iban longhouse experience in Sarawak, Malaysia


This short tours main focus is on that of visiting and learning from the local communities, however there is still an element of wildlife conservation. During the tour, travelers will be able to trek through the jungle with a local guide, learning about the local flora and fauna and about how best to conserve it in relation to the local tribes people. The local wildlife is diverse and varied, and due to the huge number of plant and animal species in the jungle and along the river, travelers on the trip will almost certainly learn something new about wildlife conservation.
As this trip is short the opportunities to travel are limited, but the traveling you will do on the trip is all as eco-friendly as is possible. You will travel by traditional longboat up the river, trek through the jungle on foot and only use motorised transport when returning to the airport post trip. Due to it's remote location, this trip does not lend itself to cars and vans, so pollution free travel is used for its duration.


This tour is a great chance to meet new cultures and to mutually share experiences. You will meet and spend time with two different local tribes; The Iban and the residents of the Jambu Longhouse Community and have the chance to swap ideas and stories which helps to increase the cultural understanding of both parties. Local guides are used to make the trip even more authentic.
During the trip you will also be able to support the local communities by shopping at a local bazaar and ensuring that a portion of the cost of the trip goes to the tribes you visit. The travelers always get the warmest of welcomes from the tribes they visit, as the local people want to learn about cultures they may never otherwise get the chance to interact with. The Iban may have been former headhunters but nowadays they are much more hospitable! These interactions mean that a level of respect can be achieved between the two parties and a mutual appreciation of the two very different lifestyles in question can be reached.

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