Finland wildlife vacation, whales and bears

A very special 8 day wildlife watching vacation in Northern Finland and Russia, watching beluga whales in the White Sea, visiting the Solovetsky Archipelago and then back for a night of bear watching in the wild taiga region.
Wildlife watching in Finland and Russia Lentiira, Kuhmo Kem Beluga whales Solovetsky Archipelago Cape Beluzi Kostomuksha Bear watching in Finland
1600 excluding flights
8 Days
Finland, Russia
Small group
Not Accepted
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Includes : - full board - accommodations (hotels/lodge) - guide services - one night in a bear hide - transfers Kajaani airport-Vartius-Kostamus-Kem and back - boat Kem-Solovetski-Kem - entrance fee to Solovetski Extra day : - night + 45/pers
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Description of Finland wildlife vacation, whales and bears

Price information

1600 excluding flights
Includes : - full board - accommodations (hotels/lodge) - guide services - one night in a bear hide - transfers Kajaani airport-Vartius-Kostamus-Kem and back - boat Kem-Solovetski-Kem - entrance fee to Solovetski Extra day : - night + 45/pers
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2022: 26 Jun

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Vacation information

Dietary requirements:
We can cater for vegetarian and vegan diets.
Our partners behind this vacation promote inclusivity on all their trips and across their business and we are all committed to ensuring travelers face no discrimination on any part of the trip they control.

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


The beluga watching during this tour is made mostly from the land - staying on an island in "beluga cape". This way we will not disturb the whales, but will anyway have a very good possibility to both see and to photograph the animals.

We encourage guests to get a better understanding of wildlife and to respect our environment and the wildlife living in it.

Russian culture differs from Finnish culture especially concerning the environment and cleanness of places. During the tour we can show with our behaving how to keep the observation places clean and how not to disturb the wildlife when photographing animals.

In our own area, Lentiira, situated in the region of Kainuu, Wild taiga, we have a beautiful and precious environment of boreal forest. Some rare animals such as wolverine, the wild forest reindeer, flying squirrel, brown bears and wolves are living here.

Our guided tours respect a safety distance from animals to observe them without disturbing them. We have a code of conduct for our wildlife safaris and night in hides.

Our guides are qualified and experts in wildlife and wilderness experiences.

We plan our routes and programs to maximise the wildlife observation but minimize as much as possible animals disturbants and the use of the vehicule. We cooperate with others local compagnies exemple : join guest on transfer airport.

Our compagny donate to wildlife protection association WWF protection to the Saimaa seal as well to IFAW .


Whale watching, when managed responsibly has educational, environmental, scientific and other socioeconomic benefits.

We both support local businesses and bring much needed income into this remote community, but also the live encounters help to build an appreciation for white whales and the precious environment in which they live.

Our observing place in Solovetski is owned by Beluga station (Moscow State University White Sea Biology Station) and our observation fee is used to support the beluga research.

In our own area in Kainuu we have some rare animals such as wolverines, wild forest reindeers, flying squirrels, brown bears and wolves. Wildlife tourism brings money and jobs to our area and this helps people to accept forest protection. It also, in the long run, helps people to understand, that our predators are not dangerous and people do not have to be afraid of them.

We are participating in numerous and different voluntary work for different local organisations. We work with others tourism companies to improve the local development and create a good network to enjoy to work together in the same area.

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