Antarctica adventure vacation

“Set sail for a week on an expedition vessel from King George Island via a flight from Punta Arenas and experience the South Shetlands and west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. Icebergs, seals and penguins, oh my!”


Punta Arenas | King George Island | Northern Lights (weather permitting) | South Shetland Islands | West coast of the Antarctic Peninsula | Zodiac boat trips | Paulet Island | Hope Bay | Port Lockroy | Petermann Island | Paradise Bay | Deception Island | the Lemaire Channel | All destinations are weather and wildlife watching dependant |

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Responsible tourism

Antarctica adventure vacation

Carbon reduction

Your vacation will help support local people and conservation. We must also reduce CO2. Learn about the CO2 emissions of this vacation and how to reduce them.


As a company: We strive to operate as a paperless company as far as possible, and recycle wherever facilities are available. We use toxic-free fair trade products whenever we can.

Our clients’ requirements are of primary importance to us at all times, as we know that our growth and success depend on their continued support. Having travelled extensively ourselves and witnessed first-hand how tourism can have either positive or negative effects on local communities. We always endeavor to leave a positive mark on all places we visit and send clients.

On the road: Many of the resorts and operators we work with offer our clients free drinking water refills to minimise wastage of plastic bottles through out the trips; and ask clients if they want items laundered before simply washing towels and linens unnecessarily, to conserve water.

This trip has a strong focus on exploring natural wonders with the aim of fostering a love of and respect for the environment and subsequently conservation.

In order to protect the Antarctic environment, we ask all our customers to be assist with the following:

- Help Protect Antarctica’s Pristine Environment from Non-Native Species. Non-native species are those species that do not naturally occur in an area and have been introduced either intentionally or unintentionally. A wide range of non-native species now occur in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands. These introduced species include microbes, algae, fungi, vascular plants, invertebrates, fish, birds and mammals.

- Be a responsible traveler by being aware of the pristine environment they are traveling to and ensure they do not transport any non-native species into and within the Antarctic.

- We provide guidelines to customers with regards to all boot and clothing decontamination procedures, and we ensure that gear is kept clean.


Supporting local business: This tour has been designed to both operate in a way that minimises our impact on the environment that we visit and to maximise the benefit that our clients can have on the host community. We endeavour to follow responsible guidelines, as with all trips.

Our local partner in Antarctica is a Member of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO). IAATO is a member organization founded in 1991 to advocate, promote and practice safe and environmentally responsible private-sector travel to the Antarctic. When visiting one of the most pristine places on earth, travelers must take special care.

We use local tour operators throughout this trip, and the hotels are owed and run by locals too. This gives the local people an opportunity to gain financially from the increase in tourism in the area.
All guides are local to the destination and can provide insight into the culture of the place.

We ensure guests have opportunities to purchase locally produced traditional crafts at the source, ensuring maximum financial benefit to producers without middlemen payments. Guests will be briefed on responsible tourism at the start of the trip, and encouraged to be mindful of the environment and respectful of local people and culture.

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