Spitsbergen, East Greenland to Iceland Arctic cruise

“A two week, small ship cruise sailing from Spitsbergen to Greenland and finally Iceland, with plenty of land excursions. Start in Longyearbyen and end in Reykjavík, Iceland”


Longyearbyen | Northwest Spitsbergen National Park | Svalbard and Spitsbergen wildlife | Polar bear watching opportunities | Whale watching | Northeast Greenland National Park | Ittoqqortoormiit and visit to Inuit village | Greenland wildlife | Greenland fjords including Scoresbysund | Reykjavík, Iceland

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2022: 26 Aug
Vacation type

Expedition cruising

What is Expedition Cruising?
This is the name we give to cruising vacations which visit the Polar regions of Antarctica and the Arctic. Your small vessel will usually carry around 100 - 130 passengers, accompanied by a crew and Expedition Team consisting of experts in the local landscapes, wildlife and history of the islands you will be visiting. How does it work?
Your trip will consist of a combination of cruising and land based discovery. Days at sea will be spent admiring the view, photographing the sea birds and marine wildlife that you may encounter, cruising past stunning icebergs and attending the talks that your Expedition Team will be conducting.

Shore landings will be scheduled to take place weather permitting throughout your trip. Please be aware that due to adverse weather conditions all scheduled shore visits may not be possible, but traveling in the summer months increases our chances of favourable weather.

You will travel ashore in rigid inflatable boats (RIBS) known as zodiacs; a degree of physical mobility will be required for passengers to climb in and out.

What ship will I be traveling on?
Traveling with us to explore the Polar regions, you will be on one of two ships, more details about your particular vessel can be given by our travel consultants when you inquire about your particular date.

Responsible tourism

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we screen every trip so you can travel knowing your vacation will help support conservation and local people.

During this voyage you will learn how to respect and appreciate the delicate environment you will be visiting. The Expedition team will provide daily lectures and landings where you will gain a better understanding of the region and the changes that are currently occurring. The effects of global warming can clearly be seen in the Arctic and by witnessing this first hand we hope that you will become an ambassador in promoting sustainable and responsible living to minimise the lasting effects that are having such a large impact on this region and around the world in general.

During the trip we will abide by the strict rules of the Association of Arctic Cruise Operators (AECO) which is dedicated to managing responsible, environmentally friendly and safe tourism in the Arctic and strive to set the highest possible operating standards. All of the crew and expedition team act as stewards of the environment and adhere to the strict environmental protocols on board and on land.

All passengers will be shown an AECO video at the start of the trip with guidelines on how to witness wildlife in the region. The trained expedition team will accompany passengers on all excursions and ensure the strict rules are adhered to ensuring no trace is left and that any wildlife is witnessed safely and left undisturbed.

On the ship, all paper and toilet paper is recycled non chlorine bleached paper and the ship operates on marine gas oil which generates lower emissions than regular diesel.

The Impacts of this Trip

We hand pick our partners to ensure all operations support the local environment and community and during this voyage local operators and services will be used wherever possible to benefit these locals. Should you wish to book any pre or post cruise accommodation, tours or transfers which will also help support local businesses we can arrange this for you no problem.

At the end of the cruise if you do not wish to keep your expedition parka you can leave it on the ship and at the end of the season all parka's will be donated to a local community. An auction will also be held at the end of each departure where the Captain’s Sea Chart together with expedition books signed by the staff, the flag from the bow of the ship and many other items as souvenirs of the voyage will be auctioned off. All proceeds are then donated to support the Bear Health project and the Save the Albatross campaign.


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