Piedmont Hills food vacations in Italy

“Enjoy a tailor-made week in the Piedmont region of northern Italy amongst the piazzas, cathedrals and wine cellars that are alive with cultural history.”


Monferrato | Barolo | WiMu wine museum | Alba | Asti | Canelli | Turin | Museum of Cinema | Roccaverano | optional excursion to Cesare Pavese |

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Piedmont Hills food vacations in Italy


We like win-win situations. Therefore, we like the idea of providing the best travel experience possible to our customers, while maximizing the benefits from tourism for the locals.

We try to apply the principles of responsible tourism enshrined in the charter of the Association for Responsible Tourism in Italy. AITR's charter is in line with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

In particular we focus on the following points :

- We select accommodations, restaurants and transports that show good environmental stewardship, using local materials and produce whenever possible;
- We pay attention to the impact of travels on seasonal natural and agricultural events (harvests, blooming or mating seasons, etc.)
- We do partners with association or organizations which do select experiences and accomodations based on the energy sourcing and consumption, favouring local energy supliers. We do attend trade shows with them and visit and select local vendors together, trying to spread the need for a good energy policy.


Management of our company:
- We organize itineraries that can be completed without haste, with a limited number of destinations each day;
- We keep groups small, so that travelers can have a genuine look of the destination, and also to avoid repeated exposure of the destination to mass tourism;
- We avoid excessive organization, allowing travelers to do some of their own research and therefore understand the situation in the destination;
- We respect intellectual property in our marketing materials;
- We select tourism providers who can show transparent and accountable business operations through environmental and social audits.

- We favor locally-owned services and vendors (transport, accommodation, catering, etc.), or small scale providers;
- We encourage travelers to spend locally and fairly (i.e. purchase crafts directly from the artist, at a fair price)
- We bring travelers to areas that have expressed the need and desire to welcome travelers, and pay attention to avoid seasonal tourism peaks in a single area.
- We favour tourism providers who employ local residents at a fair wage, and who provide opportunities for developing their human potential (including training);
- We respect land and access rights when crafting our itineraries and remain aware of any social or traditional event that might be taking place in the areas visited.

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