Truffle vacation in France

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Truffle vacation in France


We are dedicated to the environment. These few days centred around the truffle is all about creating awareness about a rare and natural food which can not be preserved for very long and can only grow in unpolluted ground. It is a natural phenomenon that we still know so little about. We help encourage farmers to keep these wild patches of land which favour the truffle and also the numerous wild orchids and wild animals. Clearing hedges and trees is a constant threat from farmers and we lobby against it as well as other threats to the landscape such as high tension wires, wind turbines and shale gas. As we walk we clear paths of rubbish and offer just one bottle of water that is refilled during the stay to limit the use of plastic. We are very pleased for people to arrive by train rather than plane and will help them with information to plan their journey. We are members of our local council and in that role help protect the environment in every way we can.


We have both been council members for our local village and thereby help preserve all that is precious in the environment and join in with local life such as the summer and winter fκtes that we help organise. We supported a fight against high tension pylons that would have destroyed tourism in this beautiful part of France and more currently wind turbines and shale gas. Tourism is vital to this community. Clients will be witness to our principle of sourcing all things local and making the most of the fresh produce in the markets and fruit from local producers. The community know us and the local cafιs and auberges, wine producers, fruit producers and our local muleteer are pleased to work with us and for the custom we bring. We hope to begin day trips in the summer whereby we would bring custom to the local community including local activities such as canoeing and hot-air ballooning. There is a wonderful community spirit here of which we are very much a part.

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