Helsinki, Saint Petersburg and Lapland vacation

3057 excluding flights
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Finland, Lapland, Russia
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3057 excluding flights
9 nights, 10 days
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This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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By choosing this vacation package you can make your vacation longer and combine a second destination to it without adding flights as you can get to Saint Petersburg from Helsinki by a fast train from the city center to the city center and back to the airport. In Saint Petersburg, the hotel is as central as possible in order to make it possible to walk to restaurants and sights.

In Finland, your hotel is located by lake Inari in the middle of a large wilderness area where environmental issues are extremely important. The hotel takes care of its waste in a good manner and sorts its waste. The activities chosen in this package are ecological. Snowshoeing takes you in the middle of nature allowing you to observe birds and trails of the Arctic animals. Sledge-dogs do the same but faster. The reindeer herding family you will visit in Inari tries to live as ecologically as possible in Lapland. The river next to their house is so clean that they do not even have a well but instead they get their drinking water directly from the river. Their reindeer are living free in nature and can come and go as they like. The number of reindeer is regulated in order not to overcome the carrying capacity of nature. Some transfers are needed but in case there are several clients having the same dates and same activities, they'll share transfers.


The Finnish Railways will take our guests to Saint Petersburg but there a local destination management agency with local guides will take care of our clients introducing the most important cultural sights to you.

In Helsinki and Lapland, you will stay in family-owned small boutique hotels. We use only service providers we know in person. Your snowshoeing trip is provided by the hotel and the sledge-dog safari by a local husky farm, who just sold out half of their dogs in order to provide more individual safaris in smaller groups maximum of 8 people. We are not using a reindeer park but taking you for a home visit. You will meet a young reindeer herding family and visit their beautiful modern log house and hear about their life and Skolt Sámi traditions. You will learn more about life in the Arctic on your visit to the Sámi museum Siida. Their exhibition tells about nature, wildlife and the eight seasons of Lapland.

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