Tuscany vacation, coast, history and nature

“Stay for 5 days in a rural farmhouse and experience the Etruscan ruins, fertile valleys and Tyrrhenian coastline that make Maremma Regional Park a lesser-visited Tuscan treasure. ”


Maremma Regional Park | Pitigliano | Sorano | Saturnia | Sovana | Strada del Vino | Naturalistic Archeological Park of Vulci | Santo Stefano and Porto Ercole | Orbetello |

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Tuscany vacation, coast, history and nature


In the geologically diverse and ancient region of Maremma, traveling sustainably is a must. This tour will lead you to reserves, parks and natural wonders, like the hot springs and waterfalls of Saturnia, to experience nature at its peak and immerse yourself in the marvel of your surroundings. In these designated protected areas, you might glimpse wild animals like deer, foxes, boars and even Maremma’s wild horses, as well as migratory birds that pass above in the sky, all from a respectful distance. Travel is also either taken either by horse, bike or foot, enabling us to traverse this beautiful landscape in an enviornmentally friendly way.
A geologist’s paradise, the region owes its varied landscape to volcanic activity that carved out canyons, forged cliffs and even formed a lake millions of years ago. Solidified volcanic ash called tuff is ubiquitous here and was often used to build the historic and characteristic buildings of the Maremma region, which you will observe first-hand on your visit to Sovana, recognised by UNESCO as a protected Medieval Village. As a UNESCO site we make sure to educate our guests to ensure they do not harm the environment, and always recommend disposing of trash properly and recycling.


There’s no doubt that Italian cities like Venice and Florence benefit the most from tourism in terms of revenue. That said, mass tourism can also harm these overly popular destinations, clogging roadways, increasing pollution and damaging ancient buildings. For all of these reasons we customize small tours off the beaten track, like this incredible itinerary through Maremma.
Your visit here will bring significant revenue directly to the local people and locally run businesses along your journey. It will also contribute to the conservation of its protected habitats, like the Maremma Regional Park and WWF Oasis of Orbetello, as well as its historical sites, such as the Naturalistic Archeological Park of Vulci, and ancient villages on volcanic tuff cliffs like Sorano and Sovana, a UNESCO world heritage site. Your accommodations at a typical farmhouse will delight you, as will the excellent dinners featuring regional cuisine and Maremma’s local red wine, Rosso di Sovana Doc. Rest easy knowing this trip is supporting local communities and ensuring the traditions and livelihoods of its people.

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