Biking vacation Italy, Abruzzo to Puglia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Biking vacation Italy, Abruzzo to Puglia


This tour offers a rare opportunity to travel along one of Italy's longest sheep trails, an ancient route used by sheepherders to transfer their flocks from the mountains of Abruzzo to the grassy plains of Puglia by the sea. Traveling by bike allows you to enjoy this itinerary in an environmentally friendly manner that does not pollute the air or damage the historic path once trod only by hooves.
Following the Tratturo Magno, you will pedal past characteristic villages such as L'Aquila, Peltuinum, Santa Maria dei Cintorelli and Caporciano, as well as Parco del Lupo (Park of the Wolf) where wildlife like the Marsicano brown bear, chamois, roe deer, otter, and at least 130 species of birds can be viewed, among them the peregrine falcon and golden eagle. With help from a support van you will pass through this spectacular scenery without leaving a trace behind you, as rubbish and recycling will be properly disposed of at each arrival point by your helpful guides.


Our goal on this tour is to introduce you to an area largely unknown by tourists: the Regio Tratturo L'Aquila-Foggia. Why? Because not only do we provide the traveler with an original and unique itinerary from start to finish, but we also spread a healthy dose of tourism to a place off the traditional sightseeing route.
Biking the Tratturo Magno will take you to small and quite remote villages where local restaurateurs and hoteliers welcome and appreciate your business. Your dollars spent at these family-run inns and eateries will ensure that their livelihoods continue to flourish, and support their efforts to run a sustainable operation. By choosing this cycling tour, you also help build a stronger rapport between your local guides and businesses along your route, relationships that positively impact one another on an economic scale and increase the marketing viability of the area and its activities to other world travelers.

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