Italy biking vacation, Piedmont

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Responsible tourism: Italy biking vacation, Piedmont


On this scenic bicycle trip over Piedmont's beautiful hills, through lush valleys and along the banks of the Po and other rivers, you will pedal 200 km through some of Italy's most breathtaking scenery. This low carbon way to travel mitigates your impact on the environment during your stay and also gives you easy access to medieval villages, castles and other off-the-beaten track locations that you would probably drive right by if traveling by car, providing these areas with access to tourism benefits.
We will provide you with detailed road maps of the route so you can plan your stops and ride at your own pace, disposing of rubbish along the way in a responsible manner.
Eating is also a sustainable act in Piedmont. With each bite of local food or sip of regional wine, like Asti Spumante or a full-bodied Barolo, you contribute to the area's efforts to cultivate and prepare foods that are good for the environment, and good for you.


We ensure the hotels selected along your cycling route are locally run and situated in characteristic villages that reflect the culture and history of the Piedmont region. Pinerolo, for example, is the past home of one of the most famous cavalry schools in Italy. At the Museum of the Cavalry you can view stunning photographs of riders and horses soaring over daunting jumps and sliding down perilous banks, including the ultimate test of nerve, “the descent of Mombrone”, a 20-foot drop from the window of a ruined castle.

To introduce you to the deep culinary roots of this region, your tour stops in the towns of Bra, birthplace of Slow Food, and Pollenzo, home to the University of Taste, where you will learn about the carefully preserved and much revered food culture of Piedmont, helping to continue its traditions. Of course, we will recommend local restaurants where you can also taste traditional dishes and the seasonal flavors of this land's bounty. From the white truffle in Alba, to the sparkling spumanti of Asti, and the hearty reds of Barolo, your palate will be engaged in a culinary journey all its own!

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