Sweden wildlife vacation, Wolves, Bears and Moose and Beavers

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Sweden wildlife vacation, Wolves, Bears and Moose and Beavers


We have now worked for more than 10 years to take people from all over the World to see some of Sweden’s most remarkable wild animals such as Moose, Wolves, Beavers, Bears and spectacular birds like Owls and Capercaillies. Our aim is to offer genuine nature experiences that support wildlife conservation and creates economic opportunities for the local society. We are so proud to say that our tours are often used as a good example by others to prove that wild animals can be a substantial income for rural areas, and that these animals are worth more alive than dead.

We are an awarded ecotourism company, we won the Grand Travel Award for best ecotourism in Sweden 2009, and we are approved with the Swedish quality label for ecotourism, Natures Best since 2004.

We have applied a strict policy to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible. Our boats are run on electric engines and the batteries are recharged on hydro-power. We also minimise driving and use carbon offset carbon emissions for our vehicles.

The return of the Wolves is a big issue in Sweden now. Our guides work actively to track and monitor several Wolf packs in the area and constantly report observations and collect droppings as an important contribution to the Scandinavian Wolf project.


We work with local guides only. That is why we can take you to the very best places to see wildlife up close in areas of Sweden where most other visitors never go. To make your vacation complete, we cooperate with small, family run guesthouses in rural villages with friendly and engaged staff. This create local job opportunities in rural areas and also provides you with a much more authentic experience. All of our guesthouses have cosy and friendly atmosphere. The food is locally produced and the dishes are mainly from the area, often with sustainable wild hunted meat like wild boar and moose along with wild chantarelles and sweetened lingonberries. Blueberries can be picked in the forest along the walks and we often bring hot drinks out into the wild.

Our guides like to explain the ecosystem and the interaction between humans and wildlife. There are many conflicts that needs to be solved, and it is important to understand the details to get a bigger picture. We hope that each one of our guests returns home with more knowledge and greater respect for our wild animals.

Group size:
We operate small group tours where one guide work with a maximum of eight participants, simply because you get a better experience nature in a smaller group.

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