Peru to Chile tour

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Peru to Chile tour


We only work with licensed ground operators who work with local guides, natural reserves and archaeological sites in Peru. The entrance fees, are paid directly and the money is used to protect the environment and the up-keeping of the park.

We encourage off the beaten track routes, because we feel that the experience is more intense and genuine, and therefore enables our customers to connect with nature more, like on the Inca trails. Visitors will be reminded to take care of the environment on these routes as well as the historical and culturally important sites, e.g. Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley and we ask them to avoid wasting water, throwing litter or damaging areas of fragile flora and fauna.

For our 4x4 tours we ensure that the cars are being checked periodically to maximise safety in the Bolivian Salt Flats and to also minimise the exhausts within the local regulations.

As a small tour operator we encourage our customers to follow the guidelines of our travelers’ code of conduct, where we emphasise waste management and local consumption at destination. We operate on a "take only pictures, leave only footprints motto", so we will collect our rubbish and not just dispose of it into the nature.


When you decide to travel with us you will be contributing to the local communities directly.

Among a crumbling colonial legacy, Bolivia is striving to secure a more prosperous future while holding on to the clothing, music, religions and even languages that are firmly rooted in the majority of its people whose ancestors pre-date the Spanish conquistadors. Street vendors ply their trade at every corner and most women still wear traditional dress and ubiquitous bowler hats.

We aim to organise tailor made responsible tourism experiences in Peru using our extensive local contacts and knowledge, be it the local city tour guide in Lima or the Sacred Valley. Visitors will explore the local markets and residential areas (for example in La Paz) and visit Toconao, a village where the locals make white volcanic stone sculptures.

We work directly with local operators, supporting the local economy by providing jobs. Furthermore we put an emphasis of using of locally produced ingredients in cooking meals.

We will put you in touch with local contacts who will immerse you in the culture so you are able to learn more about the area’s history, its current way of living and how traditions are maintained.

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