Guyanas adventure vacation, off the beaten track

“Our most comprehensive tour of barely explored countries: Venezuela, the Guyanas and Suriname, taking in epic waterfalls, untouched jungle, indigenous culture and modern cities.”


Caracas | Canaima National Park | Cherun Meru canyon | Tepuy landscapes | Angel Falls | Boa Vista, Brazil | Iwokrama Forest Reserve | Annai village | Georgetown |Paramaribo | Crommewijne river excursion | Kourou | Iles du Salut | Cayenne | Optional: Kaieteur Falls

Description of Guyanas adventure vacation, off the beaten track

It takes a real South America expert to take on the challenge of organising a vacation in these countries. Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are well off the beaten track even for the most intrepid travelers, but this small group Guiyanas adventure vacation allows you to experience jungle wildernesses, hidden waterfalls, indigenous villages and cross multiple, remote borders without having to worry about any of the crazy logistics.

Venezuela’s Angel Falls is the highest in the world, while Kaeteur Falls, in neighbouring Guyana is one of the most powerful. Scramble through the rainforest to visit these cascades, tucked deep into the Amazon. Take a canopy walk to get up closer to the jungle wildlife and rainbow of bird species, and cross the vast savannah, against a surreal backdrop of sandstone plateaux. On treks and river journeys, look out for tayras, tapirs, harpy eagles and caimans, amongst others. Given the variety of terrains and the distances covered, you’ll be traveling by road, motorised canoe, on foot and by light aircraft to reach these unique ecosystems, in a region with very little transport infrastructure.

There are plenty of opportunities to meet local people here, too, with explorations of the capital cities of Georgetown, Caracas, Paramaribo and Cayenne, as well as stays in remote jungle villages, adding a cultural element to this tour. National languages include English, Spanish, French and Dutch, as well as the indigenous languages of the Amazon. There are frontier settlements and basic hammock camps, offshore islands that once acted as a penal colony, and – in a surprisingly modern twist – a French space station. This is an expedition, rather than a traditional vacation, and things may not always go to plan, but this is the beauty of traveling in this part of the world. It is untamed, unpredictable, and thoroughly fascinating.

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2018: 7 Oct
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Small group adventure vacation

This trip is run by a company which specialises in only Central and South America vacations. Typically you will be sharing your experiences with between 4-20 like minded travelers (depending on the trip and how many others are booked on it) and you'll have a group leader with you. Whether you are traveling alone, with your partner or with friends its good value, and a great way to meet new people! While itineraries are pre-planned there is some flexibility and you'll have plenty of privacy. This trip will appeal to travelers of all ages who enjoy meeting new people as well as seeing new places, whilst being led by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic leader.

Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Guyanas adventure vacation, off the beaten track

This unique journey visits off the beaten track destinations including the three Guianas. You will be traveling in land transport where possible, with public transport our first choice.

The accommodation you’ll be staying in, such as Rock View Lodge and Atta Lodge, offer community-run programmes and undertake conservation work. These lodges which are run by the same owners form part of the CATS partnership which is a model of ecotourism that proves the tourism sector, a conservation NGO, and an indigenous community can find joint economic success while providing local opportunity and an excellent experience for visitors from around the world. The Walkway and Lodge are staffed entirely by local Makushi Amerindians who grew up in the rainforest, walking its trails, swimming in its rivers, and learning from countless days of experience.

Our local supplier of services in Guyana have the following mission statement, demonstrating their commitment to the environment and local communities:
“we promise to promote ecologically sensitive tourism trough a responsible and concerned attitude towards the environment. We provide the maximum benefit to the local communities by operating in a honest, thoughtful and concerned manner towards their customs and involving the communities so as to afford them the greatest financial benefit possible. At the same time we offer professional tourism services of an international standard to our clientele.”

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4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 07 Nov 2016 by

1. What was the most memorable or exciting part of your vacation?

Angels Falls

2. What tips would you give other travelers booking this vacation?

3. Did you feel that your vacation benefited local people, reduced environmental impacts or supported conservation?

4. Finally, how would you rate your vacation overall?

It was a very good tour. I enjoyed all of it. The only thing is that the tour could have been a few days shorter, and then it would have been easier to be away from the office. It was not necessary with 3 nights in the interior of Guyana, 1 or 2 nights would have been enough.

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