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Responsible tourism: Mexican food vacation, tailor made


We realise that travel and tourism can benefit as well as ham the environment, the economy and the social and cultural structures of communities. The concept of sustainable tourism - the travel trade’s principles of using tourism to benefit local communities, conserve natural resources, and bolster the survival of cultural heritage – lies close to our heart. Our love and passion for Latin America encourages us to do everything in our power to protect the destinations we take you to. As members of AITO, we are committed to AITO’s Sustainable Tourism Guidelines, which means that we ensure that environmental and cultural demands are kept as low as possible.
We work closely together with local partners - some who have been with us for over 30 years – to guarantee high standards when it comes to training our guides. Our guides are trained to set a good example in their respect for their surroundings and they pass on advice and encouragement to visitors on how to preserve the fragile environment in simple ways, such as by refilling water bottles, how to dispose of rubbish responsibly, not to disturb local communities and not to purchase items from endangered animals or plants. Moreover, we have partnered up with Water To Go, and we give 50% discount on Water To Go reusable water bottles. A unique filter system technology eliminates 99.9% o fall bacteria, viruses, chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals such as lead, as well as contaminants like pesticides: this means that you can fill up your bottle from any tap or stream.
On this tour we only travel by public coaches to reduce carbon emission as best as possible. In addition, you will explore the cities we visit on foot instead of using motorised vehicles.
When selecting hotels and lodges, we give preference to accommodation which have a verifiable commitment to eco-friendly practices. In addition, we prefer to use accommodation that blend in with the environment. In Puebla for example, you will stay at Meson Sacristia de la Compania. Its colonial façade is painted vivid purple, fitting into the bright palette of the colonial street on which it lies.


We pride ourselves on delivering our clients truly authentic and memorable experiences in Latin America by helping them to immerse in the culture of the destinations we visit. On this tour we go back to the Mexican cuisine’s roots in the streets and markets, beyond the chain restaurants. You will visit the local markets, which not only cater for the casual local shopper, but also for some of the country’s best known chefs and restaurants. You will move in even deeper into the streets of the older neighbourhoods of Mexico City, Puebla and Oaxaca to try local delicacies on the stalls lining the streets and markets. In addition, in mountain-based Oaxaca you will go shopping with a local cook and learn how to prepare a four course meal featuring the town’s delicious gastronomy. This not only provides fantastic opportunities for you to interact with the local community, but you will also contribute to the economy and the promotion of the cultural diversity of local communities at the same time.
Our expert guides will be present to support the creation of positive relationships between visitors and the local community. They will for example encourage you to buy ingredients, arts and crafts from local markets, explain the importance of giving gifts responsibly and the importance of acting in a respectful way while taking photographs.

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