Lemnos photography vacation in Greece

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31 May 2018
£ 3100
excluding flights
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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lemnos photography vacation in Greece


We promise to treat the wildlife with respect and not to disturb natural habitats. We are very aware of the importance of protected species on Lemnos, such as the deer at the Castle, which have been there for centuries and are a vitally important part of the ecosystem, and the migrant birds who spend their winter at the salt lake and how important they are to preserve. We do not disturb animals or birds with loud noises , flash photography or other intrusive behavior.

The natural environment is very important to us.When it comes to waste, we take everything back with us from every location we visit. Nothing is left in the environment. Even more, we collect any litter we find on our excursions and bring it back to be correctly disposed of. We promise to leave the island at least as good, if not better than we found it.


We are committed to helping the island community generate revenue through our presence. We team up with local photographers and exchange knowledge, ideas and inspiration which is incredibly important to the cultural life of the community as this is a remote island which doesn’t have many opportunities to get artistic influences from the outside world.

We visit local photography exhibitions and spread the word about the photographers' work overseas to promote local artists, showcase new work and help bring awareness to the artistic scene on Lemnos.

All our suppliers and partners on the island are locally sourced. None of the profits go to multinationals. This is absolutely core to the values of what we do as we strongly believe in providing strong economic benefits to local businesses to ensure they are able to be self-sustaining. This will keep the unique culture and society of Lemnos vibrant and alive.

We guide our guests to the best local producers and local taverners so they have the best experience and local businesses reap the rewards.

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