Pantanal tour in Brazil, Caiman EcoLodge

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Pantanal tour in Brazil, Caiman EcoLodge

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This trip highlights some of the Pantanal's best areas. The Caiman Ecological Refuge is located on a 53,000 ha ranch in Brazil. The lodge features an Environmental Interpretation Center, which aims to offer insight into the history of Brazil. The refuge is an interactive lodge and offers walking trails in the woods, a photographic safari, Canadian canoe trip, nocturnal spotlighting, biking, birdwatching, and boat trips.

Our local guides ensure that guests are properly briefed on the best ways to view the wildlife - for example, you can search through the Refuge with a knowledgeable birder, who will help you look for rare and elusive species seldom seen outside Caiman.

The Caiman Ecological Refuge operates a Nature Conservation Program. This consists of supporting various research and species management projects throughout the ranch located on the property. For example, one active project is the protection of the Jaguar in the Pantanal. Jaguars throughout the Pantanal are being collared and monitored to better understand their habits in effort to protect their natural habitat.

The refuge is also working to protect the Hyacinth Macaw. One of the most beautiful birds in the world, this bird measures over 1 meter from bill to tail, making this the largest species of the Macaw family. Because of its beauty, the bird is in massive international demand. The refuge is working to stop the illegal trafficking of these beautiful birds.


We base our hotel selection on the following criteria: being locally owned and operated, built in a sustainable manner, having a desirable location, safety, cleanliness, and ranging in size from 12-20 rooms where possible. This helps to ensure small group size, which in turn helps minimize local impact. Lodges that use innovative practices to improve upon their sustainability and mitigate any environmental impacts are given special preference.

For example: The Caiman Ecological Refuge also houses lodge and ranch employees and their families. In addition to having access to a school, medical and dental care and the necessary infrastructure, all employees are trained in and committed to the Caiman Ecological Refuge social and environmental program. The ranch provides a safe place for employees to live as well as a lower cost of living and a better quality of life than they could experience elsewhere. Employees regularly gather on the ranch together for meals and social events such as the Lasso festival.

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