Lapland husky safari short break, Norway

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lapland husky safari short break, Norway


The activity of dog sledding itself has little impact on the environment. Typically there will be set routes that are followed between cabins and camps and this minimises the impact on the flora and fauna of the area. The perma frost beneath also protects the ground from scarring. Group sizes are always kept very small and the guides operate a strict leave no trace policy throughout.

Wilderness camps can be fitted with composting toliets and any fire wood is responsibly sourced for cooking. All waste is removed from the cabins to ensure that the impact is lessened to the greatest extent.

The base camp cabins for this vacation have been crafted in the most part by the owners and are full of character and handcrafted furniture. Sven crafts a great deal himself and sources the materials locally, potentially from wood that has fallen in the nearby woods. His respect for his surroundings can be felt throughout.

The dogs at the husky camp are exceptionally well treated and their relationship with the mushers is one of simple teamwork.The camp complies with all of the necessary veterinary standards and the camp has an excellent reputation, as does Sven the owner.

This vacation utilises wilderness cabins which are situated amongst pristine wilderness. There is no electricity or plumbing to these cabins so their impact on the area is limited. Water and wood supplies are responsibly sourced and managed from the surrounding land. All waste is removed from the cabins and the environment and the group sizes are tightly controlled to ensure that the impacts of visits are lessened.


This vacation is based in a remote area of Lapland where the effects of rural to urban migration are keenly felt. Tourism provides a vital source of income and employment to young people and can help to replace the jobs which have been lost with the reduction in some of the more typical industries such a forestry.

Our vacation here works with a well known local supplier who is famous for their role in the local tourism industry and in the wider dog sledding community.

The accommodation is entirely locally owned and operated which means that there is little economic leakage from the operations here. The accommodation provided was based around an initial dwelling that was sympathetically restored and has been operated by the same family for many years. The food served is locally sourced where possible and where possible it is grown by the family in the summer months as they also operate a small holding at the site.

This region has a strong cultural heritage and this is respected throughout the dog sled safari, it is possible that guests will meet reindeer herders going about their daily business as they journey through the wilds.

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