Krygyzstan vacation, tailor made adventure

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Krygyzstan vacation, tailor made adventure


We reduce the overland journey time by car to a minimum within the itinerary and recommend at 10 days for the long haul journey, in order to reduce carbon emissions from travel. Activities chosen, rafting, hiking and horse riding, are environmental friendly therefore preserving the beauty of landscapes and reducing harm or disturbance to the ecosystem and its wildlife rather than using motorised forms of transport. We include visits to national parks and UNESCO world heritage sites to ensure tourism supports protected areas whilst being correctly managed. All guides and communities are committed to the management and recycling of litter correctly to ensure that the country's natural assets are not destroyed by tourism and that wildlife is not harmed. Local food products are purchased from local suppliers ensuring rural livelihoods are sustained through tourism. We additionally visit an area threatened by mining to offer local communities an alternative, less destructive development model to the extractive industries.


Our local partner is a community based co-operative tourism network - all rural stakeholders in the project meet bi-annually to decide the direction, partners, products, and pricing of the tourism project. All self-directed community network's members benefit from the project and directly employed and involved in decision making. We have selected locally owned family guesthouses and hotels in towns and artisan craft shops for any souvenir shopping to ensure that skilled locals benefit from tourism and traditions are preserved, plus, money reaches local people. Tourists will experience staying in community owned yurts and guesthouses overnight, which helps provide income to rural populations whilst preserving the nomadic lifestyle. Handicraft and folklore experiences are included to preserve traditional skills including yurt making, ancient felt craft work, and agricultural product production such as sheep's fermented milk. An area currently threatened by mining activities is selected to offer communities alternative economic opportunities through ecotourism enterprises.

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