Yukon Northern Lights vacation, Canada

“Search for the Northern Lights, take a husky safari and learn how to snowmobile in Gold Rush central, the Yukon. Here, the north is not so much a place as a state of mind. ”


Yukon | Whitehorse | Husky safari | Northern Lights | Internal flight to Dawson City | Dawson City walking tour | Dawson City Ice Bridge | Gold Dredge No.4 | Dempster Highway | Tombstone Mountains | Internal flight to Whitehorse | Snowmobiling | Aurora yurt |

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Yukon Northern Lights vacation, Canada


The suppliers that we use for this trip are just as passionate about responsible travel as we are and they recognise that their actions have an impact on the environment, which is why they strive to continually assess and manage the effect of their operations. In addition to this, they promote purchasing which gives preference, where reasonably possible, to those suppliers which cause the least harm to the environment, therefore trying to minimise impacts and encourage responsible tourism.

This trip uses several accommodation options and they all strive to reduce energy consumption and environmental impacts in their practices. For example, one of the properties uses its own well water supply and they are keen to encourage minimal use of water and the re-use of linen where possible. They also have their own waste water treatment facility that uses a septic tank and sewage absorption bed, thus cleaning the waste and returning it to the natural environment.

Furthermore, the accommodations that we use aim to buy locally-sourced food from farmers’ markets and local suppliers, with some even growing their own vegetables and herbs in order to highlight local produce and the benefits of fresh food.


Where possible, we use locally-owned and operated accommodation in this itinerary. Their main source of income is tourism and they believe that it is important to use local produce and to pass on information and knowledge surrounding the Yukon way of life and its history.

The Yukon is a huge province with a small population that is largely spread over the two main towns of Whitehorse and Dawson City. The communities are incredibly close-knit and there is a real sense of spirit and determination throughout. Tourism is key to their survival, particularly through the long winter months.

Our main supplier is based in Whitehorse and is responsible for its own activities, as well as using other local activity providers. It is widely acknowledged that, in order to provide an authentic experience that is sensitive to the local area, local guides should be used, as they are able to draw on their knowledge and expertise as well as their skills and passion for the Yukon.

Through the use of local accommodation and activity providers, we can help to ensure that the positive economic impacts of tourism are felt in the immediate area. This also means that we can help to ensure the longevity of these remote communities by providing them with employment opportunities and the positive effects that this creates.

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