Husky Safari & the Aurora Borealis, Finland

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Husky Safari & the Aurora Borealis, Finland


This trip will take you around the Finish countryside and whilst doing so will educate you on the importance of animal wildlife conservation in the local area. As well as Huskey led safari's through the forest, you will be educated via talks from the project coordinator. You will learn about the balance between humans and the animals they live alongside as well as furthering your knowledge surrounding the local wildlife of the area. There is the chance to learn about Wolves, Wild Forest Reindeer, Wolverines and the Huskies themselves and about how the ecosystem of the local area sustains itself.

To help conserve water, and whilst sticking to the local traditions, communal sauna's are used throughout the trip rather than the western style showers. This is the most efficient way of providing hot water in an area that is almost always frozen, so any energy usage is kept to a minimum.

The accommodation at the wildlife center is designed to be basic, but to incorporate itself in the natural surroundings. As you are there to witness animals and not disturb them, the centre is minimalist as to have the least environmental impact as is possible.


Money from tourism benefits the community in this otherwise remote location. The money gives them the chance to employ local people to assist with the Huskey sled rides, and the running of the different accommodation locations.

This project strives to adhere to the strict Responsible Travel policy, and has been developed so that it addresses actual local needs and has the community’s needs at its heart. Understanding and respecting the host community is paramount to the success of any project as long term commitment, support and adoption of sound environment, economic and social practices. This project employs as many local people possible, making it sustainable socially as well as environmentally.

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