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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Turkey retreat & meditation vacation, Turquoise Coast


Our Responsible Travel policy ensures that we abide by eco-friendly principles in the running of our vacations. We are passionately committed to ensuring that our vacations are eco-friendly to our local environment and contribute to the local economy and community.

We operate small group vacations that have a low impact on the community. All of the accommodation used for our vacations is managed and maintained by local people and the majority are owned by local people. Our furniture is sourced locally. For example we stay in Villa Vanilla and Villa Yalya for our retreat vacations. Villa Vanilla is the retreat centre and is maintained and managed to a very high standard by a local company. During the retreat you will have contact with local people both at the retreat centre where meals are created by a local chef who creates wonderful Turkish cuisine for some of the meals. We also visit restaurants away from the tourists trail such a s Gurus place near Kalkan.

We use local transport companies and their drivers for airport transfers and where possible we group guests together, so as not to have unnecessary car journeys to and from the airport for individual passengers. On walking vacations the necessity of driving to the starting point of the walks is reduced to an absolute minimum. We try as much as possible to use one of the most sustainable transport method: our feet.

On all of our vacations we inform all our guests about our policy of leaving absolutely no rubbish behind, including organic remains whether on painting, walking or photography trips.

We visit Patara National Park during your trip with its 12km long sandy beach is the breeding ground of the endangered loggerhead turtle. It is a protected area and is rich in birdlife and flowers including some very rare endemic species. The importance of protecting the rich biodiversity of this area is paramount and we ensure that we leave the environment undisturbed.

We recycle plastic, glass and aluminium and support the recycling schemes in the local community.

Our water is heated by solar panels and we do not heat our swimming pool. All accommodation used for our retreat vacation is vetted by us for environmental standards and all use solar energy supplies.

We support local businesses by using local restaurants for our vacations and by buying fresh food from local suppliers to cut down on the use of unnecessary transport. We use suppliers who source organic produce. We visit the local market during the week where organic produce is sold and which we use for our meals e.g. locally made honey, locally made artisan cheese and fresh eggs straight from the farm.

Our vacation ethos is focussed on creating rather than consuming.
In our office we recycle paper and materials. We do not print brochures but rely on marketing through e mail and the internet.


We work with local people to ensure that our vacations benefit the local economy. We have many Turkish friends who have lived in this area all their lives. We knew them well and as a result are able to provide a retreat vacation that is unique in providing direct contact with local people in the villages off the tourist trail for example in Bezigan village we eat in a local house where a lovely lunch is made for us by a lovely Turkish family.

We have arranged for special visits for guests on the retreat to visit a local mosque. This is arranged for us to give our participants a unique insight into life in the local community. We are very privileged to be invited into the community and to participate in a guided meditation in a local mosque.

Guests eat at local restaurants where the majority of the food is organic and locally sourced for example the local trout restaurants in the village of Islamalar in the foothill of the Taurus mountains and the lovely Kaya restaurant in Kalkan where all produce is directly sourced from their own organic farm,. We encourage guests to immerse themselves in the culture of the region and gain an understanding of the culture, history and local people. They are given the opportunity to purchase local products and visit the local cultural and historical sites and art gallery. We have supported the setting up of an art gallery in the town which benefits the local community.

Private transportation is supplied by local operators.

Our group size never exceeds 10 people which provide for a richer experience and minimizes our impact on places we visit and local communities. Traveling in small groups with like- minded people enables closer participation and connection with local people and the culture of the region. It also makes for a more fulfilling experience where lasting friendships and connections are made.
On all of our vacations we respect the privacy of the local people. We will never photograph or paint anyone without their permission and will ensure our guests are sensitive to the values and privacy of the local community. The local people are incredibly welcoming and friendly and as we have been in the area for a long time we know many very well.

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