Crete vacation, hiking and gastronomy in Sfakia

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Crete vacation, hiking and gastronomy in Sfakia


The traditional Cretan way of life is directly linked to the diversity of the local flora. Rural communities up in the mountains of Crete still abide by the old sustainable principles of conservation as the people have now realized the responsibility they hold to preserve and protect those areas if they are to live in harmony. We support and promote those communities assisting in all conservation methods, promoting the businesses and the traditional way of life. Our values and philosophy as a company include the protection and conservation of the local wildlife, and we also run our own environmental education program at the farm and we are always on the lookout to assist any local conservation organizations.

We only work with local suppliers that actively support the local biodiversity and the natural world, people who show support for the environment in their everyday operations. Most are organic farmers, beekeepers and naturalists that their livelihood directly depends on the health of the nearby ecosystem.


We love all things local. We love the local culture and we are here to communicate it. We want you to experience rural Greece from the inside and appreciate each destination not only for its food and wildlife but also for the people. We only support local businesses:

Our accommodation options include traditional houses and villas owned by the locals. The produce we use during our cooking classes comes from artisan producers from nearby villages.

Itís the local community that forms the backbone of all our operations, so supporting and preserving the local produce and crafts is our purpose. Our wish is to grow as a company along with other businesses in the community so that they can in turn support us better with time. This way collectively we will restore and conserve the rural communities in Greece and assist in reviving our cultural heritage.

We socialize with our suppliers and we often share endless meals. Come along and meet each and every one of them.

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