Tibet Gama Valley trekking vacation in Tibet

US $3080 excluding flights
16 Days
Small group
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Private group: 2 persons - USD3803 per person 3 persons - USD3079 per person 4 persons - USD2624 per person 5 persons - USD2329 per person In 2022, there is join-in groups in Aug.
and Sept.
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Description of Tibet Gama Valley trekking vacation in Tibet


Price information

US $3080 excluding flights
Private group: 2 persons - USD3803 per person 3 persons - USD3079 per person 4 persons - USD2624 per person 5 persons - USD2329 per person In 2022, there is join-in groups in Aug.
and Sept.
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Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) vacation so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


We, being a responsible tour operator in Lhasa, understand how important the coexistence between Tibet tourism and the protection of its natural environment is. Considered to be one of the most important ecological zones, Tibet features abundant resources of glaciers and lakes globally, and many world-renowned rivers originate from it as well. As there are no rubbish and sewage disposal facilities in many isolated regions of Tibet, the fragile natural environment needs to be taken with great care.

Before the trek, we will provide a detailed briefing about how to be responsible travelers and minimize the impact on nature and how to preserve the environment and wildlife habitat. For example, we advise not to throw plastic wastages or other wastages everywhere instead use the trash bin, rubbish pit, etc, Do not pluck up flowers and plants on the way, use local tea houses, avoid bathing or washing clothes in the stream, etc. We train and encourage our staff (guide, sherpas, porters) to collect non-disposable wastages found on the way and dispose of them in a proper way. We also recommend our travelers to carry the reusable water bottles and fill them again with boiled water from the lodges to help keep the environment clean from plastic bottles.

During the tour, we will prepare the food, vegetables, meat in the Iron bucket which we can use in next trek group. Each day, we boil water in a kettle and then put water in a thermos, in order to reduce the use of plastic mineral water bottles. In Mount Everest National Natural Reserve, live thousands of kinds of plants, varieties of wild animals, and most of them are precious and rare, such as snow leopard, redwood. We work with a strict “pollution-free travel” and all the plastic rubbish and other pollutants that can't decompose naturally will be packed and carried by yaks to the highway and later get transferred back to cities by tour bus for disposal. We make sure no organic rubbish will be left around tourist sites, and things like human waste and food remnant of meal are expected to be buried deep there.


All our tour guides and drivers hired are pure local Tibetans and we provides them with salary, tour allowance, insurance, travel rewards, and opportunities for in-service training and offer necessary help when their family members become sick. Owing to the apparent seasonal change we offer 9 months' work to around 80 Tibetan staffs from April to January next year, representing 30 percent higher working months than average in the field.

We have been working to train local Tibetans to work in the field of tourism and helping them to master the professional skills to achieve stable and long-term profits and an improved standards of living. Each year from Nov. to March, we offer much training to all the staffs (such as driver, tour guide, employees of hotels) involved in travel service, including tourism management, service skills, treatment of unexpected injuries, first aid to altitude sickness, etc.

Our travelers will be accommodated in the local standard lodges for overnight stays which are operated by the locals and food will be provided in the same lodge in an authentic way. We encourage guests to buy locally, to eat in local restaurants and buy handicrafts that are authentic and locally made. Travelers can get to select food from the menu provided by the lodge for lunch and dinner but local Nepali cuisine is mostly selected by most travelers. This way we will be contributing to the local economy in an explicit way and develop the lifestyles of the rural area residents.

With the help of our travelers, we also support the local community, school, and health post by providing medical materials, toys, educational materials, and some amount as a donation to the kids for their better education and growth.

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