Lapland activity vacation, by train

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Lapland activity vacation, by train


Spending time outdoors helps guests to connect with nature and appreciate the environment and its fragile ecosystems. Transport on the tour is as low carbon as possible - for example traveling by train.

The hotel we stay at is made of logs, which is a sustainable material (when forested correctly). Log houses are in tune with the local environment and constructed in a way that heat is retained. The hotel is located by a frozen lake and our guests will be taken to walk on the ice and to try ice-fishing so they will learn, how the ecosystem works and why it is important to help maintain it.

Our first day of the trip will take guests to Pyhä, where the Pyhä-Luosto National Park is located with its beautiful Arctic hills. The guests will travel by either cross-country skies, fatbikes or snowmobiles according to the group wishes but whatever the method, respecting the environment comes first.

The other day tour goes to Salla, where there are forests for as far as you can see and they will be taken by a reindeer into the snowy forest or they can spend the day up on the Arctic hills snowboarding/skiing.


In this travel package we are using only services of local small entrepreneurs. The hotel is located next to a small but beautiful town suffering from high unemployment as industry has left the city.

Our base camp is located here. Using the town as our starting point we make day tours to two other locations, Salla and Pyhä, which both are ski resorts. In Salla a local reindeer farm will provide us food and a reindeer safari and a local company in Pyhä provides us the transportation, guidance and snowmobiling services.

In Kemijärvi, a local fishing guide will take our group on the lake fishing and tell us more about the local way of life.

Our guests will have a local driver as a guide on the day trips, who will tell them about local life and stop at interesting places on the way. Alltogether we are using service provided by four local service providers bringing work to them.

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