Italian Alps active weekend, Valpelline Valley

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Italian Alps active weekend, Valpelline Valley


Valpelline, with 18 peaks between 3320 and 4170 meters high, offers a wild and rugged landscape, particularly impressive when cloaked in snow. In winter, for you to enjoy the natural beauty and landscape of the place, there's numerous fun activities, including Nordic walking and walking with snowshoes.

Introduced to Italy only recently, Nordic walking uses sticks, similar to those for cross-country skiing: an exercise that will use the whole body, especially muscles of the chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders, abdominals and spinal.

For walking with snowshoes, commonly called “Ciaspole” in Italy, a name that entered the language after the success of an event called “The Ciaspolada”. Once made of braided rope and wood, today are mostly of plastic or similar material and are worn with ease on the shoes, to allow movement on the snow without excessive sinking or slipping.

Both of these healthy “slow” activities, allow a respectful exploration of the natural environment.


The local community in Valpelline valley is one of the strongest in this area. They decided to ask the government to limit the building of snowslopes and skiing routes, and so we want to support them in their eco friendly choice

- We select tourism providers who can show transparent and accountable business operations through environmental and social audits;

- We organize itineraries that can be completed without haste, with a limited number of destinations each day - ensuring our customers can gain a greater enjoyment from the local area;

- We keep groups small, so that travelers can fully experience the destination, and this way we protect the local area from the harmful impact of large tourist groups.

We do our best to apply the principles of responsible tourism, enshrined in the charter of the Association for Responsible Tourism in Italy. AITR's charter complies with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

Additionally, we have developed for main categories of partners and providers a specific approach in order to contribute to their training in becoming more and more effective in hosting and experiences.

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