Archeology vacation in Italy, Campania region

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Responsible tourism

Responsible tourism: Archeology vacation in Italy, Campania region


The horizon is characterized by the unmistakable silhouette of Mount Vesuvius, one of the most famous volcanoes in the world and only active in continental Europe.

As its tragic history has taught us, Pompeii was built centuries before the birth of Christ at the foot of Vesuvius. Since the sixth century BC, the first traces of an important settlement, all destroyed in the autumn of 79 AD by an eruption that covered the area with a three-metre layer of ash and Lapilli.

The rich volcanic soil, created by Pompeii makes this an area of environmental as well as historical significance. Special care is being taken by local authorities to protect paths up the volcano from erosion, as well as prevent key tourist routes from encroaching on local farms, communities and natural habitats.

The Pompeii Sustainable Preservation Project, working with academic institutions all over the world is also seeking to preserve the Ancient ruins without causing further environmental damage: a project everyone who visits helps support by taking nothing but pictures and being respectful of the environment. We also keep groups small for that reason and ideally aim to come outside of the peak tourist seasons.


When planning our tours we are careful to select accommodations, restaurants and transport that demonstrates sustainable environmental stewardship, using local materials and produce whenever possible. We pay attention to the impact of travel and tourism on seasonal, natural and agricultural events, to minimise the impact on the local environment (harvest, plant growth, endangered wildlife, or mating seasons, etc.).

The local guide association owns a traditional restaurant located on the dock of the Bay's port. Besides its delicious sea food menu, the restaurant hosts many important events to share inspiring experiences, immersing guests in Flegrean multi-colored Flegrean cultures, art and nature.

We keep groups small so that travelers can fully experience the destination and this way we protect the local area from the harmful impact of large tourist groups. We do our best to apply the principles of responsible tourism, enshrined in the charter of the Association for Responsible Tourism in Italy. AITR's charter complies with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria.

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